The 10 best short jokes for children

The 10 best short jokes for children

Children like to tell jokes, especially with friends and family. They usually listen to their schoolmates and repeat the same joke over and over because it’s funny and even the most imaginative ones invent their own jokes.

The best jokes for children are those that have a language adapted to theirs, simple and easy humor and that are not excessively long, so they do not get lost in the joke while you tell them or even, they do not forget if they are the ones who they are counting

The 10 best short jokes for children

short jokes for children

In we offer you a selection of 10 short children’s jokes for children to memorize and have a fun time making family and friends laugh:

Q] Dad, how does it feel to have such a handsome son?- I do not know son, ask your grandfather …
Ans] I do not know son, ask your grandfather …

Once there was a man so small that he climbed on top of a marble and said: The world is mine!

[themify_box icon=”highlight”]Teacher:
– Jaimito, if in this hand I have 8 oranges and in this other 6 oranges, what do I have?
– Huge hands, miss.[/themify_box]

This is two mosquitoes that go on a motorcycle and the one in the back tells the one in front:
-Hey, stop, that a fly has stuck in my eye …!

– Do you know that my brother has been riding a bicycle since he was four?
-Mmm, it must be far away.

– Luisito, what is A? Asks the teacher

– A vowel, teacher

– And the K?

– A consonant that can not be repeated

– Pedrito, what planet goes after Mars?
– Wednesday

– What is the fish that smells a lot? Prezioso !!!

– Teacher, what does ‘why’ mean?
– Why?
– For knowing it

– Mom, at school they call me distracted
– Juanito, you live in the house opposite

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