50+ Hawaiian Jokes To Make You Laugh

The Hawaiian Islands are not just a tropical paradise; they are also home to a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant sense of humor. From the gentle lapping of the turquoise waves to the sway of palm trees in the balmy breeze, Hawaii’s essence transcends through its people, their traditions, and yes, even their jokes.

In this delightful blog post, we dive into the heart of Hawaiian humor, exploring a collection of 50 rib-tickling knock-knock jokes infused with the spirit of aloha.

So, get ready to hula into a world of mirth and laughter as we embark on a journey filled with joy, warmth, and a touch of that irresistible Hawaiian charm. E komo mai (welcome) to the realm of Hawaiian hilarity!

Funny Hawaiian Jokes Ideas

1. Why did the pineapple stop in the middle of the road?

It ran out of juice!

2. What did the surfer say to the wave?

“I’m board!”

3. Why did the Hawaiian wear grass skirts?

He didn’t want to be a plain dresser!

4. What did the Hawaiian pizza say to the pepperoni pizza?

“You wanna ‘hula’ with me?”

5. How do you organize a Hawaiian space party?

You ‘lei’ out the welcome mat!

6. Why did the Hawaiian bring string to the beach?

He wanted to ‘lei’ around!

7. Why did the coconut go to the beach?

It wanted to get a ‘tan’!

8. What’s a Hawaiian’s favorite instrument?

The ‘ukulele’, of course!

9. Why did the Hawaiian take his pig to the beach?

He wanted to play ‘ham’ in the sand!

10. What do you call a Hawaiian romance novel?

‘Fifty Shades of Aloha’!

11. What do you call a Hawaiian greeting on Halloween?


12. Why did the Hawaiian bring a ladder to the luau?

He heard the pineapple was ‘top-notch’!

13. How does a Hawaiian fix a flat tire?

He uses a ‘coconut’ wrench!

14. What do you get when you cross a pineapple with a plane?

A ‘fly’ fruit!

15. Why did the Hawaiian bring a ruler to the beach?

He wanted to measure the ‘sea’ levels!

16. Why did the Hawaiian wear a grass skirt to the party?

Because he wanted to be in-tiki-fashion!

17. Why did the Hawaiian wear two pants to the party?

In case he got a little aloha!

18. How does a Hawaiin greet a wave?

“Long time, no sea!”

19. What do you call a sad coffee in Hawaii?

A Kona-Frown-a.

20. Why did the Hawaiian get arrested at the beach?

For seaweeding!

21. How does a Hawaiian text his friends?

With aloha-garithms!

22. What’s a surfer’s favorite kind of math?


23. Why did the Hawaiian bring string to the party?

In case he wanted to hula-hoop!

24. What’s a Hawaiian’s favorite part of the computer?

The aloha-rithm!

25. What do you call a sleeping Hawaiian?

A nap-oli.

26. How do you know if a Hawaiian is in your house?

You can hear the ukulele!

27. What do you call a Hawaiian pig who loves to dance?

A “hula swine.”

28. Why did the Hawaiian girl bring string to the barbecue?

Because she wanted to hula-hoop.

29. How does a Hawaiian greet his friends in the ocean?

With a “wave.”

30. What did the Hawaiian volcano say when it met the earthquake?

“It’s not my fault, I lava you!”

31. Why did the Hawaiian boy bring a ladder to the beach?

He wanted to climb the “coconut tree.”

32. What do you call a Hawaiian surfing dog?

A “hawaiian shaka labra-dude.”

33. Why did the Hawaiian wear two jackets to the party?

Because it was “chili” outside, but “hula” inside!

34. How do you make a Hawaiian tissue dance?

You put a little “boogie” in it!

35. What did the Hawaiian say to the plate of spaghetti?

“Pasta la vista, baby!”

36. Why did the Hawaiian throw his clock out the window?

Because he wanted to see time “fly.”

Best Knock Knock Hawaiian Jokes

Here are some fun Hawaiian-themed knock-knock jokes for you:

1. Knock, knock.
   Who’s there?
   Hawaii who?
   I’m Hawaii-ing to get to the beach!

2. Knock, knock.
   Who’s there?
   Luau who?
   Luau your way to a great time!

3. Knock, knock.
   Who’s there?
   Honolulu who?
   Honolulu your way to paradise!

4. Knock, knock.
   Who’s there?
   Maui who?
   Maui’d life be without a little aloha?

5. Knock, knock.
   Who’s there?
   Kona who?
   Kona hang loose and enjoy the waves!

6. Knock, knock.
   Who’s there?
   Ohana who?
   Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind!

7. Knock, knock.
   Who’s there?
   Waikiki who?
   Waikiki-lele under the sun!

8. Knock, knock.
   Who’s there?
   Lomi-lomi who?
   Lomi-lomi your worries away with a tropical massage!

9. Knock, knock.
   Who’s there?
   Hula who?
   Hula-la-la your way to a happy heart!

10. Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?
    Aloha who?
    Aloha means hello and goodbye, but I say hello to laughter!


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