You are currently viewing 50+ Boat Puns To Sail-ebrate The Good Times

50+ Boat Puns To Sail-ebrate The Good Times

Looking for puns about boats? We have rounded up the hilarious collection of boat puns, ship puns, yacht puns, boat punny names and boat puns for Instagram captions, to Sail-ebrate the good times

Best Boat Puns

1. My parents made a decent living as fishermen even though they could only afford a boat made of balsa wood. They didn’t have real hardship.

2. I asked my Dad why he decided to buy a boat? He said, “There was a sail.”

3. The cast of “Friends” got stuck at sea in a boat, but thankfully nothing happened. Because Lisa Kudrow.

4. Did you guys hear about the boat that got stuck in the Suez canal? Waterway to get stuck

5. Did you hear about the boat full of gang members? It was a blood vessel.

6. My wife asked me which paddle I wanted to use in the boat. I answered “either/oar.”

7. I’ve started a boating business from my attic. The sails are going through the roof.

8. This boat tells really good stories. They always have a ferry-tail ending.

9. I spent my children’s college fund on a boat. I’m going to call it the scholarship.

Ship puns

1. Did you hear about the ship that crashed on an island with a cargo of red and brown paint? Apparently, the whole crew was marooned.

2. Where was the captain sent after he hit another ship?  Anchor management

3. Do you know why the researchers have to take a ship to explore the Arctic circle? Because there’s Norway beyond Scandinavia!

4. That ship is always very polite. It always has a bow for everyone.

5. Swapped my boat for a new ship I hadn’t seen before. I thought it was worth a punt.

6. I just watched a documentary on how ships are kept together It was riveting

7. People used to put a lot of trust in the ship-making industry. But then the unsinkable happened

8. Ships are always slower unless they have three masks, but they always get their schooner or later.

Yacht puns

1. If Kim Jong-un had a private yacht, it would be a dictator ship

2. Was going to make a yacht out of stone but it was too much of a hardship.

3. The rowboat used to be the fastest boat in the marina. It’s yacht anymore.

4. Did you hear about the Yacht builder that had to work from home? His sails went through the roof

5. I saw an advert in the paper “Yacht for sale”. As if people don’t know what a yacht is for.

Boat pun names

1. Usain Boat

2. The wet dream

3. The redneck deck

4. Yeah buoy

5. The Codfather

6. fish and chicks.

7. Cirrhosis of the river

8. Unsinkable

9. Knot shore

10. Vitamin sea

11. Who’s Shore Daddy?

Boat puns caption for Instagram

1. Buoy, are these views seriously fin-tastic

2. This will be my lega-sea.

3. I’m knot shore if you noticed, but I’m on a boat.

4. Why don’t we take the sea-nic route?

5. Seas the day!

6. Getting into ship shape.

7. This is the mast fun I’ve had in a long time.

8. Living the boat life

9. It’s out there at sea that you’re really yourself

10. Life is like sailing, you can use the wind to go in any direction

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