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65+ Hilarious Dinosaur Puns Nothing Can Tricera-Top These

The dinosaurs appeared for the first time more than 200 million years ago on our planet: no one has ever seen one, but we managed to find out what their appearance was thanks to the study of fossils found by scientists over the years.

The Earth has hosted many different species of dinosaurs some were herbivores, others carnivores but all had some characteristics in common all the dinosaurs were vertebrate reptiles (that is, they had a vertebral column), with skin covered with scales (in some cases even with feathers ), they had four legs and laid eggs.

Some dinosaurs were small, others were gigantic: some dinosaurs could fly or live in water, while many others lived on dry land. According to experts, our planet has hosted at least 400 different species of dinosaurs and so on.

But in this article, we are not going to do a study about dinosaurs rather we are going to see the humor that is inspired by them like a hilarious collection of dinosaur puns and jokes, and some short birthday wishes.

Funny Dinosaur puns

1. There was once a tyrannosaurus who was a little slow They called him tywalkosaurus.

2. Scientists have discovered a new dinosaur species that inhabited East Asia Taiwanasaurus Rex.

3. The archeologist thought he had dug up a full dinosaur but it just was a fossil arm.

4. Did you hear about the dinosaur who survived extinction and is now found in farmer’s fields? They called him T-rac-tor.

5. Tyrannosaurus rex eggs are tough to break out of. It makes a little dino sore.

6. I’ve heard a theory that the dinosaurs died out because their eggs became rotten. It was a mass egg-stink-tion!.

7. Did you hear about the dinosaur that couldn’t stop coughing? It was a bronchitisaurus.

8. I once met a dinosaur who was also a sorceress. She put me in a tyrannosaurus hex.

9. Do you know Dinosaurs can’t go on boats, they cause too many Ship Rex.

10. Scientists have discovered a fossilized dinosaur fart. They described it as a blast from the past.

11. Do you think anything could tricera-top these dinosaur puns? I dino what to tell you, but probably not.

Best Dinosaur Puns Captions

1. “I’m not a carnivore, I’m just dino-mite!”

2. “Having a roarin’ good time!”

3. “I’m not extinct, just retro!”

4. “Just trying to make my mark in the Jurassic world!”

5. “Don’t be a saur loser!”

6. “This selfie is jurassic-ally awesome!”

7. “I’m a true dinomite!”

8. “I’m not a T-Rex, I’m just really good at hugs!”

9. “Hanging with my dino-squad!”

10. “Don’t be a saur loser, be a tyrannosaurus.

11. “My personality is anything but prehistoric!”

12. “I’m not a dino-snob, I’m just a little hard to please-saur.”

13. “I’m not a fossil, I’m just timeless!”

14. “I don’t always roar, but when I do, it’s dino-mite!”

15. “I’m not a velociraptor, but I can definitely run in heels!”

16. “Life finds a way, but so do I!”

17. “I’m not a pterodactyl, but I can still spread my wings and fly!”

18. “I’m not a herbivore, but I still love my greens!”

19. “I may be old, but I’m still as cool as a stegosaurus!”

20. “I’m not a tyrannosaurus wrecks, I promise!”

21. “I’m not extinct, I’m just in hibernation!”

22. Don’t be a fossil, join the party!”

23. “T-Rexcellent time with my squad!”

24. “Stegosaurus-ly good time!”

25. “Jurassic-ing up my life with good vibes!”

26. “Brontosaurus-sized fun with my friends!”

27. “Just dino-mite with these guys!”

28. “This moment is T-Rex-tra special!”

29. “Pterodactyl-licious day with my crew!”

30. “Prehistoric memories with my favorite people!”

31. “We’re dino-mite together!”

T rex puns

1. I buy all my guns from a guy who calls himself “T-Rex. He’s a small arms dealer.

2. Did you hear about the T-Rex who cut his wood? With his dino-saw.

3. Do T-Rex like explosions? I’m not sure but another dino mite.

4. Never get in a fight with a T-rex. You’ll get jurasskicked.

5. A T-Rex walks into a vegan restaurant and is greeted by a girl who said she knew him He had never met herbivore.

Dinosaur birthday puns

1. I hope your birthday is tricera-tops.

2. Wishing you a dino-mite birthday.

3. Have a roar-some birthday.

4. I raptor present for you.

5. Wishing you a t-rexcellent.

Dinosaur jokes

1. What do you call a glass dinosaur? – Pyrex.

2. Which Dinosaur had the largest vocabulary? – Thesaurus.

3. What do you get when dinosaurs crash their cars? – Tyrannosaurus wrecks.

4. What do you call an exploding dinosaur? – Dynamite.

5. How did the dinosaur get clean? – With a meteor shower!.

6. Why should you never fight a dinosaur? – You’ll get jurasskicked.

7. Why should you never fight a dinosaur? – You would get Jurasskicked!.

8. Which dinosaur survived extinction and is now found in farmer’s fields? The T-rac-tor.

9. What do you call a dinosaur without gold? – A dinosr.

10. How did dinosaurs clean their teeth? – With flossils.

11. What do you call a spooky dinosaur? -A terror-adactyl.

Well, it’s time to fossilize these puns for now! Remember, don’t be a Jurassic disappointment, keep those dinosaur puns roaring! Have a dino-mite day!

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