30+ Hilarious Dinosaur jokes for kids

Looking For dinosaur jokes for kids Here we have a collection of Dinosaur jokes that make kids laugh. Jokes can be a good tool to arouse laughter in kids, so laughitloud.com has collected the best dinosaur jokes for kids.

Normally when children enter the Primary course, from 6 years of age, they usually learn some jokes through books and exchanges with their classmates.so do not waste any more time to tell your kid a joke! Surely you are going to laugh a lot!

Best dinosaur jokes for kids

Q: What do you call a blind dinosaur?
Ans: Doyouthinkhesawus

Q: What do you call a dinosaur that does not take a bath?
Ans: Stink-o-Saurus.

Q: What makes more noise than a dinosaur?
Ans: Two dinosaurs!

Q: Why didn’t the dinosaur trust the ocean?Ans: There was something fishy about it

Q: Which brand of clothing do dinosaurs like most?
Ans: Fossil

Q: What happened after the dinosaur took the school bus home?
Ans: He had to bring it back.

Q: What did the dinosaur put on her steak?
Ans: Dinosauce

Q: What do you call a sleeping dinosaur?
Ans: dino-snore!

Q: What do you call a dinosaur that never stops talking?
Ans: A dino-bore

Q: What’s the best way to talk to a dinosaur?
Ans: Long Distance

Q: What was T Rex’s favorite number?
Ans: Eight (ate)!

Q: What did the dinosaur say after the car crash?
Ans: I’msosaurus!

Q: What do you get when a dinosaur sneezes?
Ans: Out of the way!

Q: What do you get when a dinosaur
walks through the strawberry patch?
Ans: Strawberry jam!

Q: How do you know if there’s
a dinosaur under your bed?
Ans: Your nose hits the ceiling!

Q: Which type of dinosaur could
jump higher than a house?
Ans: Any kind! A house can’t jump.!

Q: Why don’t dinosaurs ever forget?
Ans; Because no one ever tells them anything!

Q: What does a giant Tyrannosaurus eat?
Ans: Anything he wants!

Q: What should you do if you find
a dinosaur in your bed?
Ans: Find somewhere else to sleep!

Q: What do you get when dinosaurs crash their cars?
Ans: Tyrannosaurus wrecks!

Q: What dinosaur would Harry Potter be?
Ans: The Dinosorcerer

Q: What do you call a dinosaur that never gives up?
Ans: Try-Try-Try-ceratops!

Q: What came after the dinosaur?
Ans: Its tail!

Q: What was the name of the fastest dinosaur?
Ans: The PRONTOsaurus!

Q: What do you get when you cross a pig with a dinosaur?
Ans: Jurassic Pork.

Q: What are dinosaurs floors made out of?
Ans: Rep-tiles!

Q: Who did dinosaurs call for help?
Ans: Tricera-cops!

Q: What did the dinosaur use to build his house?
Ans: A dino-saw

Q: What is the best thing to do if you see a Tyrannosaurus Rex?
Ans: Pray that it doesn’t see you.

Q: Why did the dinosaur go to the disco?
Ans: Because he was a Disco-saurus!

Q: How do you ask a dinosaur to lunch?
Ans: Tea, Rex?

Q: What do you call a dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary?
Ans: A Thesaurus.