75 Hilarious Plant puns To Brighten Your Day

Plants are very important for our surroundings they maintain our atmosphere. They produce oxygen they absorb carbon dioxide they increase humidity and so on. by all of this i mean to say plants are very much important to us so why not use plants to plant a smile on others. With these keeping in mind we have put together a collection of plant puns and jokes feel free to scroll and enjoy.

Funny Plant Puns

1. Two plants were standing next to each other One of them says What did you have for lunch? The other says Oh, just a light meal.

2. I wanted to tell you a joke about a girl who only eats plants. But probably you never heard of herbivore.

3. Did you know when someone dies in plant family they photo-sympathizes.

4. My gardener is entering his Bonsai plants in a contest this weekend I’m rooting for him.

5. Always be cautious near the the bamboo plant because ghosts like to hide behind bambOO.

6. Did you hear about that mad scientist who created deer-plant hybrids? Apparently he wanted to introduce some variety to the local fawna.

7. During the contest, the gardener was so embarrassed because he wet his plants in front of everybody.

8. My wife tried to take away my baby marijuana plants from me when we divorced Thank god the court granted me joint custody.

9. Did you know hackers have to grow their plants with hydroponics? To get root access.

10. So I started cultivating a plant with my ex gf before she broke up with me for this other dude Oh well, guess it’s his-tree now.

11. Plants are among the cleverest when it comes to math because they have the square roots.

12. Did you hear about that baby plant who served in the army? He was in Infant tree.

13. A tree that I planted years ago became sick and looked like dying So i dug around it to get to the root of the problem.

14. I started a company harvesting moisture from plants. Business hasn’t been great, but we’re making dew.

15. The Police put crime tape around the York Peppermint Patty plant Now it’s factory sealed and in mint condition.

16. You won’t believe this but it’s real the only flowers known to bloom on human faces are the tulips.

Plant puns captions For Instagram

1. I’m rooting for you!.

2. Please don’t leaf me.

3. I will seed you later.

4. I wet my plants.

5. Say aloe to my little friend.

6. Cheating in the game was aloe move.

7. We’re mint to be.

8. Wood you be mine?.

9. Cactus makes perfect.

10. Everyone romaine calm.

11. Get clover it.

12. Back to the Fuschia.

13. Succulents are plant-tastic.

14. Our friendship is unbe-leaf-able.

Funny Cactus Puns

1. We make a prickly pear.

2. You’re looking sharp.

3. I’m stuck on you.

4. If you were a cactus, I’d prick you!

5. Cacti are the only pricks worth dealing with.

6. I’m no cactus expert, but I know a prick when I see one.

7. I am on pins and needles

8. Life would succ without you.

9. Succulents are planttastic.

10. I’ll never desert you

Plant Punny Names

1. Minit

2. Berry

3. Gillyweed

4. RoPlanttinson

5. David Rose

6. Prick

8. Morgan Treeman

9. Katniss

10. Woody

11. Sticky

12. Plum

13. Melonie

14. Lizzie

Plant Puns & Jokes

1. Why is the Hulk a good gardener? – Because he’s got green fingers.

2. What is worse than finding a worm in your apple? – Finding half a worm.

3. Where did the cucumber go for a drink? – In the salad bar.

4. What is the worst vegetable to have on a barbeque grill? – Chard.

5. Why did the idiot plant coins in his garden? – Because he wanted to raise some cash.

6. Why didn’t the melons get married ? – Because they cantaloupe.

7. How did the gardener fix his jeans? – With a vegetable patch.

8. When is a pumpkin not a pumpkin? – When you drop it because it then becomes squash.

9. What did the boy say to the plant that was struggling to breathe? – What’s the stomata with you.

10. What type of shoe can you make with a banana skin? – A slipper.

11. What do you get if you cross a potato with an onion? – A potato with watery eyes.

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12. What do you call a fat pineapple? – A pineapple chunk.

13. If you had 5 apples in your left hand and 7 apples in your right hand. What would you have? – Very big hands.

14. What did the bee say to the flower? – Hey bud, what time you open.

15. What type of tree has hands? – A palm tree.

16. What tree is always crying? – A weeping willow.

17. What’s green and hangs from trees? – Giraffe snot.

18. What is a ghost’s favorite fruit? – Boo-berry.

19. Why do French people eat snails? – Because they don’t like fast-food.

20. Why did the gardener plant lightbulbs? – Because she wanted a power plant.

21. Where do gardeners sleep? – In a bed of roses.

22. What fruit do trees like the most? – Pine-apple.

23. What type of fruit can fly? – A goose-berry.

24. What is a scarecrow’s favorite fruit? – Straw-berry.

25. What ‘s it called when it rains chickens and ducks? – Foul weather.

hilarious plant puns

26. What vegetable has bad manners? – Rude-barb.

27. Why are frogs so happy?
Because they eat what bugs them.

28. What is the coolest vegetable? – Rad-ish.

29. What do you call a depressed berry? – A blueberry.

30. Why did the gardener bring a trowel to his sons bedroom? – Because his wife told him that his son had a weed in his bed.

31. How do corn talk? – With a husky voice.

32. How do succulents greet each other? – Aloe.

33. What type of vegetable can your father make with some scissors? – Pa snips.

34. What does a cabbage outlaw have? – A price on its head.

35. What do you call corn that joins the army? – Kernel.

36. What do you call a fast fungus? – A mush-vroom.

37. What is a taxi driver’s favorite vegetable? – A cab-bage.

38. What do you put on lettuce when it
hasn’t been dressed? – Cloves.

39. What vegetable can tie your stomach in knots? – String beans.

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