40+ Cloud Puns That Have Rained For Years!

Welcome to our blog post on cloud puns! As you may already know, clouds are an integral part of our planet’s weather systems and can bring us everything from gentle showers to raging thunderstorms. But did you know that they can also bring a little bit of cheer and laughter to your day? That’s right, clouds can be the source of some seriously clever and amusing puns.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of 40 of the best cloud puns out there. Whether you’re a fan of fluffy cumulus clouds or dark and stormy nimbus clouds, there’s something for everyone in this list. We’ve even thrown in a few rainbow puns for good measure, because what’s a cloud pun without a rainbow to go along with it?

So, without further ado, let’s get started! Here are 40 of the best cloud puns to brighten your day:

Best Funny Cloud Puns

1. “I walked in on my girlfriend yelling that she hated low lying clouds I hadn’t the foggiest idea what I mist.”

2. “I was about to slap you because your head was in the clouds But I mist.”

3. “I Just had an argument with a cloud and finally we came to a thunder standing.”

4. “Did you hear about the cloud who became king? He Rained for years.”

5. “I once watched a movie about clouds but it was way over my head.”

6. “It Is hard to distinguish between cirrus, stratus, and cumulus clouds especially since most of the time they are in de-skies.”

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7. “Did you hear about that cloud who’s trying to act all cool but he doesn’t know He’s nothing” but smog.”

8. “When we were young, we had this myth that lightning bolts go all the way to cloud 9.”

9. “Once a cloud floated into the bar for a drink The bartender said, “I’m sorry, but your thunder-aged.”

10. “Did you all hear the one about the cloud? Never mind, it’ll probably go over your head.”

11. “I don’t like clouds They’re always throwing shade.”

12. “Did you hear about the cloud who have to do drugs and join a gang? Because of Atmospheric pressure.”

Cloud Puns For Instagram

  • “I cirrusly love you.”
  • “I better thunder-stand you.”
  • “I mist you.”
  • “Why so cirrus.”
  • “Sometimes it’s good to be blue.”
  • “My favorite kind of sky.”
  • “I’m Cooler Than You.”
  • “Always Look Up with Shades.”
  • “So full of water.”
  • “I make it rain.”
  • “You hadn’t had the foggiest idea what you mist.”

Cloud Puns And Jokes

1. Why was the sun mad at the clouds? – Because the clouds kept throwing shades.

2. Why did the cloud apply to stormtrooper training school? – He mist.

3. Where do clouds keep their money? – In a fog bank.

4. Why did the little clouds idolize the big cloud? – Because he was the raining champion.

5. What do you get if you mix a very sad cloud and the ocean? – Tropical Depression.

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6. What does a cloud do when it gets an itch? – It finds the nearest skyscraper.

7. Why was the cloud not allowed to cross the border? – Because it was a for-Rainer.

8. What does a wealthy cloud do? – Make it rain.

9. What do you call the concentric clouds around a nuclear explosion? – Freedom rings.

10. Where do clouds go to the bathroom? – Anywhere they want.

And there you have it, We hope you enjoyed them and that they brought a little bit of sunshine to your day. Stay tuned for the rest of our list of cloud puns, that are coming soon!

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