40+ Mountain Puns That Will Definitely Peak Your Interest

Here is the list of best mountain puns which will definitely peak your interest. Mountains play a very important role in providing food and water supply to the millions of people in the world they cover around 22 percent of the earth’s surface, they also provide 60 to 80 freshwater to the world. We hope you’ll enjoy reading our collection of mountain puns.

Hilarious Mountain Puns And Jokes

1. Climbing a mountain is great But it’s all downhill from there

2. What’s the laziest mountain Mount Ever-rest

3. Mountains are so funny because they are always so high.

4. I fell asleep on a mountain last night Man was it rock hard

5. I would love climbing to the peak of Mount Everest, but I do not see the point.

7. Mountains are not funny. They are hill areas

8. How does a meteorologist go up a mountain They climate.

9. I promised your mom I’d move mountains for her So I brought her a mole hill and made a really big deal out of it.

10. I can’t play hide and seek with mountains cause they are always peaking

11. I finally cut ties with someone who was dragging me down Mountain climbing with a friend is hard.

12. Just failed to get a job as a mountain goatherd. It was a pretty high baa.

13. Did you hear about the mountain bike who forgot his true purpose? He was wheelie lost.

14. The first lesson in life that the dad mountain teaches his son is “A little more altitude, a little less altitude.

Great Mountain Puns And Jokes

Why don’t mountains catch colds? — They wear snow caps.

How do you greet a friendly laptop in the mountains? — Yo Dell

What do mountains make the worst jokes — Because they always end in cliff hangers.

Do you want hear mountain jokes? — Every mountain is edge case.

what is the most dangerous mountain? — kill-a-man-jaro

Mountaineers are completely safe from Covid-19? — because you can’t cross a vector with a scaler.

What do you call an attractive volcano? — Lava-ble!

What do you call a mountain of kittens? — A meowtain

Why are mountains so old and so large? — It’s because they have no natural predators

What is the laziest mountain in the whole world? — Mount Everest

Why are mountains never serious? — Because they’re hill areas.

Where did the Easter Bunny learn how to ski? — The bunny hill.

How did the alcoholic climb the mountain? — 12 steps at a time.

What is a cow’s favorite drink? — Mountain Moo!

Why did the mountain climber drive into the tree? — Because it was there.

How did the egg get up the mountain? — It scrambled up!

What do you call a stoner that lives in a mountain? — A cave maaaan

What is Gregor Clegane’s favorite song? — She’ll be comin’ ’round the Mountain.

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