85 Pickle Puns That you will relish for a long time

Looking for good pickle puns? We are bringing you over 100 best pickle puns So the next dinner or lunch date you have, you will be prepared, To make every one laugh.

Collection of Best Pickle Puns

1. Where did the pickle go to have a few drinks? The salad bar.

2. What did the pickle say when it found out it was going on a salad? I relish the thought!

3. How do you turn a pickle into a squash? Throw it in front of a bus.

4. What do you call a frozen pickle? A pickle-sickle.

5. What did the pickle think of the cucumbers? It thought they were dill-lightful.

6. What do you get when you cross a pickle and a lizard? A crocodill.

7. What is long and green and slimy and bumpy? A pick-eel.

8. What’s green and goes click click? A ballpoint pickle.

9. What’s green, has 22 legs, and plays football in the snow? The Green Bay Pickles.

10. What did the pickle yell at its misbehaving kids? Stop gherkin around!

11. What does every little cucumber dream of? A cute little farmhouse with a white pickle fence.

12. What TV station is preferred by little cucumbers everywhere? Pickleodeon.

13. What was the Mexican pickle’s favorite dance? La Cuke-aracha.

14. What is the pickle’s favorite newspaper? The Dilly Planet.

15. Who is the cucumber’s favorite actor? Pickle-us Cage.

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16. Who is grandma pickle’s favorite singer? Elvis Pickley.

17. What’s green and swims in the sea Moby Pickle.

18. What’s green and wears a mask? The Lone Pickle.

19. What’s green and pecks on trees Woody Wood Pickle.

20. Where do pickles love to go skiing? Pike’s Pickle.

21. What was the cucumber’s favorite spot in all of England? Pickle-dilly Circus.

22. What’s the pickle’s favorite game show? Let’s Make a Dill.

23. Who was the pickle’s favorite painter? Salvador Dilly.

24. What do you call a pickle lullaby? A cucumber slumber number.

25. Which is the best cucumber in a batch of baby cucumbers? The pickle the litter.

26. What do little pickles put on their birthday cakes? Canned dills.

27. How do little pickles learn? With their brines.

Pickle puns

28. What’s the baby cucumber’s favorite toy? Pickle Me Elmo.

29. What’s green and roams the wilds of Africa? A picklepotamus.

30. Who’s the scariest pickle addict in the world? A one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple pickle eater.

31. How do pickles cook their hot dogs? They grill them on the bar-b-cucumber.

32. Why did the pickle climb up to the roof? It heard dinner was on the house.

33. Why did the pickle wear red suspenders? The green ones were broken.

34. How do cucumbers clean their teeth With a toothpickle.

35. How do you make a pickle sundae?
By getting the ingredients ready on Friday and Saturday.

36. What’s a cucumber’s favorite dessert?
Pickle brickle.

37. Why was the pickle dentist sued? For dilling the wrong tooth.

38. What did the Russian pickle paint on the wall of its deli? A hammer and a pickle.

39. What do cowboy cucumbers drive? Pickleup trucks.

40. Who’s the richest pickle in the world? A pickle with a nickel.

41. Why are cucumbers always late? They like to DILLydally.

42. Why couldn’t the pickles get to work on time? Because they were always in a crunch.

43. What did the pickle say to Congress? Nothing. Pickles can’t talk!

44. What is the difference between a pickle and a psychiatrist? If you don’t know, you should probably stop talking to your pickle.

List of Best Pickle Puns and Jokes

Q: What’s black and white and green and black and white?
A: Two penguins fighting over a pickle.

Q: What’s red and white and green and stuck in the chimney?
A: Santa Claus in a pickle.

Q: How do you make a green pickle?
A: Cross a blue pickle with a yellow one.

Q: Why was one pickle bored with the other? A: The other was getting very dill.

Q: What’s green and red all over?
A: A sunburned pickle.

Q: If you throw a green pickle into the Red Sea, what does it become?
A: Wet.

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Q: Why was the cucumber looking so rosy?
A: It was pickled pink.

Q: What did the sweet pickle say to the love of its life?
A: Pucker up!

Q: What did the mother pickle say to her teenage son?
A: You’re getting mixed up in something sour, and I don’t like it!

Q: What do you call the pickle that got run over on the highway?
A: Road dill.

Q: What do you call frozen pickles hanging from the roof?
A: Icepickles.

Q: Why shouldn’t you use a pickle as a pool cue?
A: You’ll find the cue cumbersome.

Q: What do you do when a pickle wants to play cards?
A: Dill ‘em in.

85 Pickle Puns That you will relish for a long time 1

Q: How do you prevent bumps on a pickle? A: Cover it with mosquito repellent.

Q: What do you call a thieving cucumber?
A: A picklepocket.

Q: How do you hunt wild cucumbers?
A: With a spear gun.

Q: What did one cucumber seed say to the other?
A: We’re really in a pickle!

Q: How do you spell pickle backwards?
A: P-i-c-k-l-e b-a-c-k-w-a-r-d-s

Q: What did the skeptical pickle say?
A: Quit gherkin my chain.

Q: What did the hipster pickle say?
A: What’s the dilly-yo?

Q: Why did the cucumber check into the hospital?
A: For a cure.

Q: What do you call a pickle that runs back and forth all day long?
A: A willy-nilly dilly, or a fickle pickle!

Q: Why are pickles lousy friends?
A: They’re always green with envy.

Q: Why don’t cucumbers like being turned into pickles?
A: It’s just too jarring.

Q: Why are we telling you all these pickle puns?
A: Kosher such a nice person!

Q: How did the cucumber figure out who was the impostor?
A: One was just a pickle, but the other was the real dill.

Q: How does a pickle yodel?
A: Oh-dill-aye-hee-hoo!

Q: Why did the fruit fly dance on the pickle jar?
A: Because it said “twist to open.”

Q: What did the teenage pickle say to his mother?
A: Please, mom, spear me.

Q: What did the pickle say to the hot dog?
A: I relish this time we have together.

Q: How did the smart business pickle make its millions?
A: It opened a dill-icatessen.

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