105 Best Horse Puns You Can’t Help But Laugh

Looking for funny horse Puns? here is the best collection of horse puns you will find anywhere. A horse might not think these puns are that funny, but you will be rolling on the floor laughing. This collection of horse jokes and puns is one of the funniest collections on the internet.

Funny Horse Puns

1. A horse stopped right in the middle of the road because someone shouted “Hay”!

2.When you hear gossip about a horse, you are basically listening to a neigh-sayer

3. Don’t order hay for your horse off Amazon. After a couple of days they’ll ask for your feed back.

Horse puns

4. Did you hear about the two horses who fell in love It was a lawn-distance relationship.

5. Spending time around those two is tiring. They are continually jockeying for the position.

6. To be or not to be a horse rider. that is Equestrian

7. My uncle was kicked in the chest by a horse
The doctors say he’s in a stable condition.

8. I keep having this dream about a horse in full battle armour. Actually it’s probably more of a Knight Mare

9. In order to determine what animals the kids liked at the farm, they had to take a gallop poll.

10. A horse walked into a bar Bartender: Hey Horse: Yes, please

11. I saw a horse driving a car the other day It was a mustang.

12. At the horse reunion, one horse was heard saying that he remembered everyone’s pace but not their manes.

13. A racehorse was waiting at the starting gate of the Kentucky derby. it said to its rider, “it’s hot! I hope we won’t be out here furlong!”

14. A girl’s mother said she couldn’t have a horse. the girl said not even a quarter horse? there’s less to take care of!

List Of Best Horse Puns

Q: What’s a horse’s favorite dance move?
A: Watch me whip, now watch me neigh neigh.

Q: Why didn’t the horse buy a house?
A: The costs were mounting.

Q: How could you tell the horse gained weight?
A: It had extra girth.

Q: How do you wash a horse?
A: On a sponge-line.

Q: How do baby horses get tucked in at night?
A: They get told a tail.

Q: How does a rude princess sit on a horse?
A: Snide-saddle.

Q: What’s a horse’s favorite dinosaur?
A: The broncosaurus.

Q: Why would a horse make a good president? A: They know how to lead.

Q: What do ponies look for in a vehicle?
A: Lots of horsepowers.

Q: How does a horse make paper mâché?
A: With newspaper clip-clop-pings.

Q: What did the Clydesdale use to deal cards at the casino?
A: A horse-shoe.

Q: What does a horse call its treats?
A: My greatest Preakness.

Q: Where do the cool horses live?
A: In rad-docks.

Q: Why did the pony turn himself in?
A: He felt rem-horse.

Q: How did the horse get up the stairs?
A: He mounted them.

Q: Why was the horse such a good dancer?
A: It perfected its halturn.

Q: Why was the horse a great editor?
A: She was very thoroughbred.

Q: How do horses show gratitude?
A: Flank you very much.

Q: What did the horse reply when asked if it can jump 3 feet?
A: “I lope so!”

Q: Where do horses get their mane cut?
A: The hair-dressager.

Q: What would winged horseplay in a band?
A: The pegabass guitar.

Q: What did the teenage horse say when her phone broke?
A: I canter even.

Q: What does a horse do when it smells rotten seafood?
A: It scallops outta there.

Q: How could you tell the horse was getting old?
A: It was wither-ing away.

Q: How do ponies react when the opposing team comes on the field?
A: They horse-boo.

Puns about horse

Q: Why did they stop giving the horse grass?
A: They wanted it to be less green.

Q: What’s a racehorse’s favourite clothing brand? A: Jockey.

Q: Who did the horse ask to be his second wife?
A: A manewer model.

Q: What does a winged horse drink from at a party?
A: A keg-Asus.

Q: How do mares keep track of their boyfriends?
A: A studbook.

Q: What is the lesser-known sport used to measure a horse’s singing ability?
A: Carol racing.

Q: What would a winged horse put in the bathtub?
A: A pegaLush bath bomb.

Q: How does a horse tow its trailer?
A: With a Ford Bronco.

Q: What’s does a winged horse like to munch on?
A: Pe-grass-us.

Q: What did the guard say to stop the horse from escaping?
A: Halt-her!

Q: Why did the horse go to jail?
A: The prosecutors failed to show the burden of the hoof.

Q: What’s a horse’s favourite animated movie?
A: Bolt.

Q: Why was the horse feeling a bit sick?
A: Its voice was a bit hoarse.

Q: What does a workhorse like to drink?
A: A Moscow Mule.

Q: What natural disaster took out the ancient horses?
A: A volcanic stirruption.

Q: What kind of horse would Bilbo Baggins ride?
A: A shire.

Q: Where do horses get their weaves from?
A: Mane.

Q: What did the jockey respond when someone asked to ride his horse?
A: “Dis-mount is mine.”

Q: Why did the horse like her new backpack?
A: The straps were adjustable.

Q: What’s a horse’s favourite grocery store? A: No-fillies.

Q: How does a Pegasus ask her boyfriend to propose?
A: She says “You’ve got to put a wing on it.”

Q: What’s happens to the sportiest horse?
A: It gets to be first horse-pick of the draft.

Q: Why did the horse climb Everest?
A: She liked mount-ains.

Q: What do you call old horses?
A: Ancient roans.

Q: How did the ponies stay in touch?
A: C-horse-pondence.


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