45+ Shoe Puns That Will Save Your Sole!

These shoe puns come in all shapes and sizes no matter what your reason for embarking on a search for the hilarious shoes puns, we have you covered.

Funny Bad Puns

So stop worrying and start enjoying our collection of most funniest shoe puns in the world.

1. I bought a pair of running shoes the other day Let me know if you’ve seen em.

2. I wish I could wear a shoe on my head Because then I’d be a foot taller.

3. Did your hear about the terrible fire at the shoe factory today Over a million soles were lost.

4. Last night a thief broke into the shoe factory. He was the sole perpetrator.

5. A shoe repairer is like God. He can heel you. He can save your sole. And he can even dye for you.

6. I found a wooden shoe in my toilet the other day. It was clogged.

7. I bought some shoes from a drug dealer I don’t know what he laced them with, but I’ve been tripping all day!.

8. Do you know people with the same shoe size called sole mates?.

9. I got fired from the shoe factory, but they were nice enough to leave me with a parting gift. They gave me the boot.

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10. I didn’t think orthopedic shoes would help me But I stand corrected.

11. Everybody was convinced he was a cleft-toe maniac. He went around stealing flip flops.

12. What happens when you eat yeast and shoe polish? You rise and shine every morning.

13. I hate my new job in the shoe recycling plant It’s Sole destroying.

14. My wife didn’t like the wooden shoes I made for her, tried to flush them down the toilet. Now the damn thing’s clogged.

15. My son told me he had a hole in his shoe today I said yes son, that’s where you put your foot in.

16. The shoemaker finally wedded his sole mate. Together they had run their shoe repair shop for slightly under a decade.

17. When I put my shoes on earlier I suddenly felt very ill and drowsy and the room started spinning I think they might have been laced with something.

18. I went shopping for shoes and I found the perfect pair They are my solemates.

Shoe Puns About Love

  • You are my sole-mate.
  • You bring heeling to my sole.
  • I miss shoe.
  • We make a great pair.
  • I will heel you.
  • I will save your sole.
  • I can shoe you the world.

Best Funny Shoe jokes

1. What sort of shoes do spies wear? – Sneakers

2. What do you call expensive shoes? – Cashews.

3. What type of shoes do bananas wear? – Slippers

4. How do Germans tie their shoes? – With little knotsies.

5. What do you get if you cross bread with a pair of shoes? – Loafers.

6. What kind of shoes would an artist wear? – Sketchers.

7. What type of shoes do amphibians wear? – Open toad

8. What did the shoes say to the pants? – Sup britches!!

9. Why did Santa Claus’s shoes break? – Because he had so many missile toes.

10. What happens if you eat yeast and shoe polish? – Every day you’ll rise and shine.

11. What kind of jokes do shoes tell? – Knot Knot jokes.

12. How does the rain tie its shoes? – With a rainbow

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