40+ Eye Puns To Make you Laugh

Looking for hilarious eye puns Then you’re going to love this collection eye puns can be seriously very funny.

Best Eye Puns

I retina this’ll go on for a while


What did the eyeball say when it tasted cheesecake?
That’s too eye for!

After the training accident that cost York an eye, Carolina waits at his bedside for him to wake up.

When you’re with your cross-eyed friend, do you ever wonder if they’re seeing someone else?

Sometimes when i close my eyes i can’t see

Why did the teacher wear sunglasses? Because her students were so bright.

Eye really………….really sclera about you.

What do you call a deer with no eyes?” – “No-eye-deer.

how eyeronic i cant lash (as in eyelash) out at you for not protecting my eye balls because well you treyed your best

Eye hope you feel better soon

I don’t normally surf the Internet but when I do eye brows

Wow, he sure looks ex-eye-ted to see them. Eye hope they can look past all of this and patch up their relations.

Beauty is in the eye of the beeholder

A bone doctor and an eye doctor were telling each other jokes. The bone doctor’s jokes were humorous but the eye doctor’s jokes were cornea.

Eye’m baaaaccckk.

Why did the cross-eyed teacher quit her job?
She couldn’t control her pupils

How do you know if eyes are flirting with you?
They go: Wink, Wink!

eye cant think of any. eye really don’t know cause eye am not in to that/.

Eye can’t think of anything right now. Iris my case. You pupil are imposseyeball.

I’m retina cornea jokes too. If you need more, eye cone lens you some.

Now eye See Why You Said That!

Ive been trying to find puns about gouging my eyes out, bu i couldn’t see any

Just a EYE guy looking for a two-ply
Hefty bag to hold my love

Eye’m so amused

Why did the cross-eyed teacher quit her job? She couldn’t control her pupils

When is a lens not a lens? When it is actually aphakic.

This pun is also Eyeconic

When is it really, really not a lens? When it is a-fake-ic.

Eye does bread always fall butter side down

What do you call an alien with one missing eye? Alen

I spy with my little eye nothing because I only have two normal sized eyes.

What does it take to become noticed as a famous eyewear designer?
A focus on fashion and an eye for st-eye-l.

In a rather optimistic bout of irony, wouldn’t it be wonderful if Frozen lovers just, let it go

And with that, my friends, eye take my leave.

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