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50 Wine Puns That Will Get You Drunk From Laughter

Historians believe that winemaking began to develop in the Neolithic, according to archaeological remains found in the Zagros Mountains. Little by little, the consumption of wine expanded towards the West. from its origins, the wine almost enjoyed high social status, being the drink of choice for banquets and important events.

Wine has become a world so full of traditions with its own culture that cinema has not been able to resist penetrating it. Thus, we find films that address the making of this drink, such as A Walk in the Clouds or A Good Year.

But in 2021. In the age of the internet, it’s time to enjoy some of the best wine puns while sipping on your favourite pour.

Wine Puns

1. There were a ton of complaints about the service at that banquet because whoever served the wine did a pour job.

2. A grape falls off a wine and dries. Everything happens for a raisin.

3. I trained my dog to bring me a glass of red wine. He’s a bordeaux collie.

4. Those who drink too much wine will wake the following morning with a hangover otherwise known as the “Grape Depression”.

5. Getty was hammered at the wedding reception because every time the waiter asked to refill her drink she would say “wine not”.

6. Did you read the book about Manhattan’s fanciest wine room? It’s a New York Times best-cellar!.

7. When the four fonts went into the restaurant and asked for their favorite wines, the bartender said he did not serve their type in there.

8. Have you guys tried out the new Mexican white wine yet? It’s a Pinot Gringo.

9. So my doctor told me a glass of wine a day is good for you Good thing I have 4 doctors.

10. My mom asked me if I wanted a glass of wine. I said to her “wine not”.

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11. My wife gets really mad at me when I mess with her red wine. So I added some Sprite and oranges, and now she’s sangria than ever.

12. If a friend left you 12 bottles of wine on your doorstep, would you be extremely. Grapeful.

13. The doctor said I should reduce my wine consumption. After the test of my blood type came back as Cabern-A positive.

Wine Pun Captions

1. I will always be your partner in wine.

2. Time to wine down.

3. Feeling grape.

4. You’re wine in a million.

5. Giving you more reason to wine.

6. Once upon a wine.

7. Stop and smell the rosé.

8. Will you’ll be wine.

9. I have my rieslings.

10. Happy Hour is at wine o’ clock.

11. I need to re-wine my life.

12. You can’t sip with us.

Wine Jokes And Puns

1. Why does your grandma like wine so much? – Because at her age, she needs glasses!.

2. What do sailors drink when they gather at a tavern to commiserate? – Port whine!.

3. Which type of wine do horses request most often? – Chardon-neigh.

4. Why do we love wine puns? – Because they’re grape!.

5. How does Jesus make wine? – Hebrews it.

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6. What’s the difference between priest and wine lover? – Wine lover likes when its older.

7. Why did the wine connoisseur insist on drinking from an old tire? – He heard it was a Goodyear!.

8. What’s a horses favourite wine? – Chardonneigh.

9. What do Germans do when they run out of beer? – They wine.

10. What’s the difference between fine wine and fine women? – Fine wine doesn’t try and escape from my cellar.

11.What type of wine is notorious for making you drowsy? – Sauvign-yawn blanc!.

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