50+ Best Avocado Puns To Rock Your Guac

Did you know that not all avocado puns are green? Avocados come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Did you also know that there are even more pun-tastic ways to talk about avocados? Check out these avocado puns for more insight into the lovable green fruit.

Avocados have been a source of nutrition for so many cultures around the world. They’re packed with healthy fats and other vitamins like Vitamin E and B6.

Did you know they’re also ripe for some awesome avocado puns? In this article, we’ll explore a wide range of avocado puns in different contexts. Read on if you like avocadoey ideas!

Best Avocado Puns

1. People always laugh at my car because it looks like a fruit. But at least I avocado!.

2. I just saw a priest blessing an avocado. Holy guacamole.

3. The avocado is driving too fast on the highway. It is avo control.

4. I just found out what animal’s been getting into my avocado plants. It was a guaca-mole.

5. Don’t rub avocado in your eyes. You might get guacoma.

6. If a priest blesses an avocado Would it be a holy guacamole?.

7. The leading bishop in the Catholic Church of avocados is called an avocardinal.

8. My father is a strong man, he has an avo-can-do spirit and never gives up.

9. The guacamole says to the tortilla chip: “You are everything that I avo wanted”.

10. A great pick-up line for avocados: “If falling in love with you is wrong, then I do not want to be ripe.”

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More Avocado Puns

1. Avocadon’t get me started.

2. You are all I Avo wanted.

3. Avo nice day.

4. I avocadon’t care.

5. I love being your avo-cardio buddy.

6. You are more than I Avo hoped for.

7. Avocadon’t worry be happy.

8. You have a avo-can do spirit!.

9. Let’s avocuddle.

Guacamole puns

1. You guac my world.

2. You have guac to be kidding me.

3. In a while, guac-o-dile.

4. You have guac to be kidding me.

5. Let’s guac and roll!.

6. This is guac-ward.

7. Rock out with your guac out.

8. Zero guac given.

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Avocado jokes And Puns

1. What do you call an expired avocado? – Guaca-moldy.

2. What does a duck thats made of avocado say? – Guac.

3. What do you call young avocados? – Avokiddos.

4. What is the Jolly Green Giant most afraid of? – Avocado pickers.

5. What type of music do avocados listen to? – Guac & Roll.

6. Why shouldn’t you put avocados in your eyes? – You could get guacoma.

7. What is an avocado’s favorite game to play? – Guack-a-mole!.

8. What do you call it when you punch someone with an avocado?
– Guacamelee.

9. What do chemists make guacamole out of? – Avogadros.

10. What do you call an avocado thats been blessed by Pope Francis – Holy Guacamole.

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