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60+ Great Egg Puns That will crack you up

It’s no surprise eggs have health benefits and we all love eggs. They are affordable and full of protein. You can scrumble them fry them or consume them as we do like puns. You might think egg are not funny but they are they are egg-cellent source of humor we believe these egg puns will crack you up unless you’re hard-boiled.

The Best Egg Puns

1. The mother egg will only go to the supermarket if she can use the eggs-press lane.

2. I dropped an egg onto a concrete floor and it didn’t break. This is because concrete floors are really hard.

3. If you guys don’t know a lot about eggs, the best place to look it up is in a hen-cyclopedia

4. An egg got late to work. He says to his boss:
“Sorry boss, Omelette.”

5. When the eggs are driving on the expressway they are always looking for the nearest eggs-it.

6. Do you know why the French eat just one egg for breakfast? Because in France, one egg is Un ouef.

7. Police were questioning an egg He couldn’t say anything, he was scrambling for words.

8. Make sure you eggstract every piece of an egg shell before scrambling eggs.

9. Sorry for the eggstended amount if time without a pun. I’ll be back to cracking you all up.

10. Saw a sign at a farm that said, “duck, eggs.” I was contemplating the use of the comma when it hit me.

11. My egg chose to take an examination. It cracked under pressure.

12. I was cooking my breakfast and unfortunately I burned my eggs
I will never cook naked again.

13. My chickens were laying to many eggs so I had to sell their coop. They now have a chicken sedan.

14. I had a hen that could count her own eggs. She was a Mathmachicken.

15. Using a cinnamon stick to stir your eggnog isn’t a religious practice. It’s egg-nog-stick.

Yolk puns

1. Everyone knows that an eggs favorite tree is the mighty y-oak.

2. Please do not tease those eggs because they simply can not take a yolk.

3. I told my wife that I didn’t like the way she makes eggs. She got mad and threw one of the eggs at my head And now the yokes on me.

4. A city with million eggs in it would be called New Yolk City.

5. Two eggs are sharing yolks, what does one egg say to the other? I’m cracking up.

6. Why are people that don’t eat yolks racist? They always want to separate the whites.

7. Imagine if roosters laid eggs. So many dad yolks at our disposal.

8. That mischievous little egg is known as a little practical yolker.

9. Years ago I made friends with an egg yolk that was extremely shy.
But over time I helped it come out of it’s shell.

10. The egg was asked to stay after school and talk with the principle concerning his role as a real practical yolker!.

Egg Jokes

1. If you had a Fried Egg for breakfast yesterday, what should you have today? – A Sattered Egg.

2. What did the first egg tell the second egg when it didn’t make it on time? – Omelette.

3. How to crack an egg? – You tell it a funny joke!.

4. What did the egg say after smoking a joint? – Omlit.

5. What did the egg say to the boiling water? – I just got laid and you expect me to be hard in 3 minutes?.

6. Why can’t eggs keep secrets? – Because they tend to crack under pressure.

7. What do eggs do when they’re tired? – They eggs-it.

8. what’s the difference between eggs,and you? – eggs get laid,you don’t.

9. what does an egg call it’s suburban hometown? – new yolk city.

10. What day does the egg fear the most? – Friday.

Egg pun captions

1. “Eggs-cuse me.”

2. “That’s all, yolks.”

3. “What an egg-citing day.”

4. “I’m so egg-cited”.

5. “Be egg-cellent”.

6. “You are eggzactly my type”.

7. “Nice eggspression”.

8. “You crack me up”.

9. “I’m eggs-hausted”.

10. “I’m an Easter eggs-pert.”

11. “You make me egg-static.”

Egg pun names

1. Dwayne “The Wok” Johnson

2. Julio Egglasius.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger

4. aleggXander

5. Sarah Michelle Eggllar

6. Sunny-side up-dale

7. Eggbert

8. Weggsley Wyndham-Pryce?

9. Eggyonka

10. Egg sheeran

11. Nikola Yolkic

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