40 Best Whale Puns

Whales are very fascinating and also very mysterious animals. Their lives in the depths are difficult to fully understand, and that’s why scientists constantly find new information about them. Although they are peaceful animals, their size manages to impress us by seeing them. so if you are a whale lover here are some whale puns that will blow your mind.

Funny Whale puns

1. Did you hear about the dolphin that bumped into the whale? It wasn’t on porpoise!

2. Do you know whales enjoy listening to The Orcastra.

3. How do you get two whales in a car? Start in England and drive West.

4. What’s a whales favorite dragon ball z character Krillin.

5. After consulting my therapist, I went out and bought a small whale. She told me I need a porpoise in life.

6. I’ve been trying to start up a fighting ring of dolphins and whales But that would defeat the whole porpoise.

7. On a recent boat trip, we got to pet a whale! It was a happy occasion but I was feeling Blue.

8. The shark kept asking the whale what was he blubbering about.

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9. The reason that an Orca can travel such long distances is because they are good at whaling cabs.

10. Ask any whale what movie they love more than any other and they will tell you the Humpback of Notre Dame.

11. The sign in the underwater barber shop simply read, we are helping to shave the whales.

12. The only reason that whale decided to cross the road was because he wanted to get to the other tide.

13. Before the Orca left the hospital, the doctor made sure that he had been whale rested.

14. I wrote an essay on whales once, but I got a bad mark. Didn’t have the proper cetaceans.

15. Sometimes life is over-whale-ming.

The best whale puns and jokes

What do whales do during Social Distancing – Netflix and Krill

Why do killer whales never make friends with other species? – They’re too orc’ward.

How do whales prepare for a party? – They orca-nise it.

What is an investment bankers favorite fish – White Whales.

What’s a whale’s favorite movie? – The Humpback Of Notre Dame.

What’s a whales favorite sandwich? – Krilled cheese.

What do you call a whale with bad posture? – A hunchback whale.

What’s a whales favorite dragon ball z character – Krillin.

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How does a pod of whales make a decision – They Flipper coin.

How do you get two whales in a car? – Start in England and drive West.

What do you call a group of whales on a TV show? – A podcast.

What do whales like to chew? – Blubber g um!.

Why do whales like salt water? – Pepper makes them sneeze.

Where do women whales keep their money – In an octopurse.

What do whales need to stay healthy? – Vitamin Sea.

Which type of whale can fly? – Pilot whales.

What did one beached whale say to the other beached whale? – Long time no sea.

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