69 Basketball Puns To Put You In Happy Mood

Hey everyone, basketball lovers and jokesters alike! If you’re like me and you live for the thrill of the game and a good laugh, then you’re in for a real treat. I’m super excited to share with you our latest blog post, where we’ve rounded up some of the funniest basketball puns around.

Whether you’re a hardcore fan or just enjoy shooting hoops with friends, these puns are bound to make you grin wider than a slam dunk. So, grab your favorite jersey, lace up those sneakers, and let’s dribble into the world of hoop humor together!

Best Basketball Puns

Basketball is a serious sport but these puns are just funny!

1. Did you hear about the basketball team that doesn’t have a website? They can’t find the net!

2. I donated my old basketball hoop to a school for the blind It will be missed.

3. My father is really good at basketball He always told me “I’ve been Duncan all my life

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4. My basketball coach told me to make more “points,” so I started writing them down on paper.

5. I asked my basketball if it wanted to play video games, but it said it was already a “hoop” addict!

6. Longfellow is the known poet of basketball.

7. It was a bad idea to ask the chicken farmer to referee basketball games He kept calling fowls

8. Did you hear about the Basketball who sued Tennis for no reason Now they have to go to court.

9. I used to be addicted to basketball but I rebounded.

10. “I wonder if there’s a way for me to play basketball in the rain and not get wet”.

11. If you make a mistake of playing basketball with pigs, they will hog the ball.

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12. The judge sentenced the basketball player to life imprisonment because he shot the ball.

13. Basketball players manage to remain cool even during tough matches because they stay closer to the fans.

14. The only time a basketball team can chase a baseball team is five after nine.

15. When the basketball realized all the checks were bouncing, he decided to visit the bank himself to find out.

16. You’ve got to be a-net-tentive to win the game!

17. This team is on the ball, they always make a hoop-la!

18. He shoots, he scores! What a slam-dunk-tastic performance!

19. I’m not trying to pass the buck-et, but we need better defense.

20. That player is so foul-mouthed, he always talks about free throws!

21. I used to be a baller, but now I’m just a dribble-down memory lane.

22. Don’t be so full-court, you might just travel down a slippery slope!

23. She’s got the moves, it’s like she’s playing some kind of dribble or nothing!

24. When life gives you turnovers, just keep rebounding with a smile!

25. I asked the referee if he needed glasses, he called a timeout for a technical foul!

26. She’s so good at defense, it’s like she’s building a wall around that hoop!

27. His jump shot was so smooth, it was nothing but net-credible!

28. I tried to do a fadeaway, but my balance was so off, it was a fade-a-fail!

29. They said my crossover was too basic, it was more like a cross-walk!

30. He’s so good at blocking shots, it’s like he’s the king of swat!

31. Playing basketball is all about finding your court-itude!

32. My friend wanted to be a referee, but he didn’t have the right whistle-bilities!

33. My team’s strategy is simple, just give it our best shot, even if it’s a bank shot!

34. I used to be a ball hog, but now I’m learning to assist my way through life!

35. The coach said I need to work on my fadeaway, but right now it’s more like a fade-a-stay!

36. Basketball players love cooking because they know how to “dish” out the assists.

37. The basketball team loved going to the circus to learn some “hoop”-stunts.

38. Basketball players love gardening because they know how to “shoot” for the flowers.

39. The basketball team loved astronomy because they knew how to “shoot” for the stars.

40. The basketball team couldn’t win because they were “fouled” out.

41. Basketball players make great composers because they are always dribbling.

42. The basketball team was so bad, they used the fan section as a “boo”-st.

43. The basketball team was so bad, they didn’t even make “pointers.

Funny Basketball Puns For Instagram

1. I’m feeling hoop-timistic about our chances!

2. Let’s slam-dunk our way to victory!

3. Our team is on fire, we’re on a real slam-roll!

4. It’s time to shoot for the basket-est case scenario!

5. This game is a real swish-ful thinking opportunity!

6. We’re going to dribble our way to success.

7. Let’s bounce back and make a slam-pact on the court!

8. Time to hustle and make some slam-azing plays!

9. We’re going to lay up some serious victories!

10. We need to guard our way to a winning streak!

11. It’s time to assist each other to victory!

12. Let’s pivot our way to success!

13. Don’t let the pressure make you travel, stay in control!

14. We need to be on point, like a sharpshooter!

15. Rebound from setbacks and take the shot at success!

16. Drive for the hoop and seize the win!

17. Let’s pass our way to a slam-tastic game!

18. Keep your eyes on the ball and the prize in sight!

19. Time to three-point our way to a winning score!

20. Make your moves smooth and your shots swoosh!

Hilarious Basketball Jokes

1. why is the thief so good at basketball? – because he can shoot, steal, and run.

2. Why do basketball players like cookies? – Because they can dunk them!.

3. Why did the chicken cross the basketball court? – Because it heard the referee was blowing fouls.

4. Why are spiders great at basketball? – Because they’re eight-footers.

5. Why was Cinderella such a poor basketball player? – Her coach was a pumpkin.

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6. What do you call a bench with all white men on it? – The NBA.

7. Did you hear the Atlanta Hawks don’t have a website? – They can’t string three W’s together.

8. If a basketball player gets athlete’s foot, what does an astronaut get? – Missle toe!.

9. Why couldn’t the basketball player listen to his music? – Because he broke a record.

10. What’s a pirate’s favorite basketball move? – Jump hook.

11. Why did the basketball player visit the bank? – His checks were all bouncing.

12. What do you call a monkey that wins back to back titles – A chimpion.

13. if a basketball team were chasing a baseball team, what time would it be? – Five after nine.

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14. Who is the best basketball player in the Hundred Acre Wood? – Tigger because he loves to bounce!.

15. What do basketball cheerleaders drink before they go to a basketball game? – Root.

16. What would you get if you crossed a basketball with a newborn snake? – A bouncing baby boa.

17. Did you hear about the basketball team that doesn’t have a website? – They can’t string three “Ws” together.

18. What is it called when two Mexicans play basketball? – Juan on Juan.

19. If a basketball team were chasing a baseball team, what time would it be? – Five after nine.

20. What basketball player would be a great spokesperson for autumn? – Taco Fall.

69 Basketball Puns To Put You In Happy Mood 1

21. Why did the basketball player go to jail? – Because he shot the ball.

22. Why did the basketball player sign up for the crafting club? – He wanted to learn how to make baskets!

23. Why couldn’t the basketball player listen to his music? – Because he broke a record!

24. Which basketball player wears the biggest sneakers? – The one with the biggest feet!

25. Which fast food chain would be a good basketball player? – Dunkin’ Donuts

26. What’s the difference between a ball hog and time? – Time passes.

27. What do you call a basketball player that misses dunks? – Alley Whoops.

28. Why are basketball players messy eaters? – They’re always dribbling.

29. What’s the difference between a basketball player and a dog? – One dribbles, the other drools.

30. What kind of stories are told by basketball players? – Tall Tales.

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