60 Pasta Puns Are Impastable To Ignore

Pasta is among the most popular dishes from the Italian. It may also be for this reason that many recipes have been created with this ingredient. From the meat to the fish passing through the vegetarian ones, there are really all kinds and any proposal always turns out to be a pleasant and tasty discovery.

pasta is the basis of the Mediterranean diet and to celebrate it properly, the Word Pasta Day was held, an event that occurs on 25 October every year. By virtue of this occasion, we have collected the best pasta puns you can enjoy.

Pasta Puns

1. I compared my wife to boiled pasta the other day. It’s really strained our relationship.

2. My lovely wife shredded some cheese to sprinkle on the pasta tonight. I told her she’s doing grate.

3. I saw an Italian guy cooking pasta with a flame thrower. I cannoli imagine what he was thinking.

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4. I’m writing an Italian opera about pasta. Hopefully it’s successful Otherwise I might have to rigatoni.

5. I like my pasta the way I like my medieval Italian literature All Dante.

6. I wasted all of my life savings on pasta It was worth every Penne.

7. No matter what kind of pasta you throw in a black hole It all gets spaghettified.

8. I told my girlfriend I was making a bicycle out of spaghetti. She didn’t believe me Until I rode pasta.

9. Did you hear about the Italian guy who died? He pasta way now he’s a pizza history.

10. I got fired from my job at the pasta factory I made a fusilli mistakes.

11. My girlfriend just left me because I have a fetish for touching pasta I’m feeling cannelloni right now.

Spaghetti puns

1. My wife said I could never make a car out of spaghetti You should of seen her face when I drove Pasta.

2. I caught someone selling counterfeit spaghetti He was an impasta.

3. I’ve made a ouija board using alphabeti spaghetti It’s great for contacting people who’ve pasta way.

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4. A pasta lover’s favorite song is ‘Come and spaghet it’ by Selena Gomez.

5. Asked the waiter how long my spaghetti would be. He said he didn’t know but would measure it.

6. I asked the flight attendant what was in the spaghetti sauce She said don’t worry it’s plane pasta.

7. I started a business that takes stock photos of food I call it Spaghetti images.

Gnocchi puns

1. I had some lasagne in the freezer that I planned on eating but I realized it was locked And I had gnocchi.

2. I remember the last time I had gnocchi I had to call a locksmith.

3. Hope you gnocchi how awesome you are.

4. Just gnocch-ing around.

Macaroni puns

1. I have a medical condition where I’m allergic to only one type of pasta It’s called macaroni and sneeze.

2. The Pope’s favorite type of pasta is Holy macaroni!.

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3. I once told a joke about macaroni It was pretty cheesy.

4. Why are people buying out all the pasta/macaroni products? Because when you are in lockdown.. A nice bowl can pasta time quicker.

5. Why did the bowl of macaroni go to the doctors? To get it’s elbows checked out.

Ravioli puns

1. Did you hear the pasta makers in Italy revolted? It was a ravioli-tion.

2. What type of pasta is best eaten on its own? – Ravi-lonely.

3. I’m laughing so hard I’m ravioling on the floor.

4. I’m going on a lean diet this month. Ravio-lean diet.

5. This ravioli may be one of the best meals I’ve had in the Pasta few months.

Best pasta Jokes

1. How do you say goodbye to an Italian chef? – Pasta la vista.

2. What is Ravioli’s favourite party game? – Pasta parcel.

3. What do you give an abusive pasta chef who always serves wet noodles? – A re-straining order.

4. What do you call all the pasta that you haven’t eaten yet? – Futura.

5. What do you call pasta that lives in the hood? – Spaghetto.

6. What did the pasta say to the cheese? – Grate to meet you.

7. What pasta is always getting locked out of its house? – Gnocchi.

8. What kind of pasta is served at Forrest Gumps restaurant? – Penn-ay.

9. What kind of pasta grants wishes? – Fettugenie.

10. What do you call a sad noodle? – Upsetti spaghetti!.

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