40 Tea Puns That Are Tea-riffic! To Read

Tea has been existed for centuries and getting better and better with time, to celebrate our love for tea we have put together a list of funny tea puns, tea puns for Instagram and tea joke that you will love so matcha

Tea puns

1. Last night I went to a fancy dress party dressed as a tea bag On the way home I got mugged.

2. The tea drinker tends to get the most work down because they are full of creativi-TEA

3. A Jewish man was making tea for a group of his friends Everyone enjoyed the tea that he brew.

4. I dropped my wallet last night. The cashier at the tearoom gave it back. Some people have so much hones-tea.

5. Drinking a stranger’s cup of tea is really not my cup of tea.

6. I went into the kitchen and saw a hurricane making a pot of tea I thought hmm, there’s a storm brewing

7. Never accept tea offered by the Russian President You don´t know what Vladimir Putin.

8. if someone drinks the same tea every day with no interest in trying any new blends
they don’t steep around

9. I drank some tea with a Koala Bear yesterday. I had a Koala tea time.

10. My new vehicle came with a dispenser that makes sweet tea forever It’s a Infinite-tea.

11. I wanted to be more healthy so tried putting oat milk in my tea. But it was just too OTT.

12. I like my girls like I like my tea Hot, brown, and imported from India.

13. A man’s daughter wanted to have a tea party with him the man agreed, but he doesn’t have much experteas in the subject.

14. I called the cops after hearing my neighbor yelling and screaming at his cup of tea for hours on end it was herbal abuse.

Tea puns For Instagram

1. You’re my bes-tea

2. You’re tea-riffic!

3. You’re safe! What a tea leaf!

4. The reali-tea is I love a good brew.

5. This is so tea-dious

6. No need to be sal-tea

7. Sweet dreams are made of tea.

8. It’s for your own safe-tea

9. We love enjoying blends, with benefits.

10. I love you so matcha.

Tea Jokes And Puns

1. What do you call the woman who got rich selling tea? – A mult-tea-millionaire.

2. What is an astronaut’s favorite tea? – Gravitea

3. What type of tea is the only type Brits don’t enjoy? – Penaltea.

4. What Tea makes you original? – Novel-tea

5. What do you call a small child that drinks tea? – A tea-toddler

6. What do rebellious tea bags listen to? – Heavy Kettle

7. What kind of tea is hard to swallow? – Reality.

8. Why do the cows return from the fields right about when evening tea is ready? – It’s tea-pot calling the cattle back

9. What do workers in a tea factory never get? – Coffee breaks

10. Why did the teapot get detention? – It was being naugh-tea.

11. Why should you always bring your own cup to a spy’s tea party? – Their cups are always chipped.

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