50 Tree Puns That Will Make You Laugh

The tree is universally considered one of the most representative symbols of life. In fact, like man, a tree is born, grows, takes root, and produces fruit, just as we give birth to our children.

The trees are also part of the elements that allow humanity to exist: it is due to oxygen released into the air by the leaves we breathe. Not to mention the infinite benefits we derive from their fruits.

Below is the list of best tree puns and captions you can enjoy.

Tree puns

1. Why can’t you be in the same room with trees? Because they’ll leaf

2. My neighbor says he is too afraid to plant an apple tree, I told him, “Grow a pear

3. I need to learn how to take care of my new tree, So I’m going to nursery school.

4. I don’t trust those trees, They seem kind of shady.

5. My wife asked me if I will cut a tree for her if she asked me to, “I wood” was my answer

6. Two trees are sitting in a forest in the middle of summer, One turns to the other and says ‘It’s hot as balsa here.

7. I heard a cactus fell in love with a fruit tree, They make a prickly pear.

8. I cut down a tree by just staring at it, I saw it with my own eyes.

9. My dad told me to stop making tree puns, But he’s not the balsa me.

Palm tree puns

1. Palm trees don’t provide much shade That’s why they’re fronds without benefits.

2. My friend drew a small clock on my palms Looks like I got a little time on my hands

3. When I’m bored I like to sprinkle dried herbs into my palms, I have way too much thyme on my hands.

4. I planted a palm tree outside my house, Now I have something to give me a hand around the house.

5. What do you call it when a palm tree fakes it’s death? – Insurance frond

Pine puns

1. Why are pine trees bad at sewing? – They always drop their needles!!

2. People say some pine trees are better than others, I say it’s a matter of a pinyon.

3. Did you hear about the pine trees that fought in the forest? It was a pitched battle.

4. What’s a Pine tree’s favorite fruit? – A Pine-apple!

The little pine tree was told to sit in the corner of the class because he was always acting knotty.

5. My pig stepped on a land mind under a tree, Now I have a porky pine.

6. I pine fir the good oak days, when it was poplar to spruce up the living room with a real tree.

7. Why was the pine forced to walk the plank? – Because he was guilty of tree-ason.

Maple puns

1. Did you hear about the maple syrup company that went out of business?, Those Poor Saps.

2. I’ve always wanted to tap my neighbors’ maple tree, but he wouldn’t give me permission, Think I could do it syruptitiously?

3. I don’t believe Canada is real, I think it’s all maple leaf.

4. Did you see the new movie about maple syrup?, It starts out sappy but ends up sweet.

5. Why do Canadian cowboys have sticky feet?, Maple Stirrups.

6. I pour maple syrup over my essays, Because they’re 100% waffle.

7. The first ever guy they tested out to eat maple syrup from a tree must’ve been a real sap!

Tree puns for Instagram

1. You’re are treemendous

2. Good things come in trees

3. That’s tree-mendous

4. Get to the root of the problem

5. The silent tree-tment

6. Axe, and you shall receive

7. It’s very in-tree-guing

8. It’s a mys-tree

9. Feeling pine

10. Pine in the neck


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