60+ Farm jokes To Make You Laugh

Looking for Farm jokes we have collected our favourites here checkout these 50 funniest farm jokes on the internet to enjoy your weekends.

Collection of best Farm Jokes

1: How does a farmer get his hogs to market?
A: In a pig-up truck.

2: What has ears but cannot hear?
A: A field of corn.

3: What do you call a cow barn on a holiday?
A: A merry dairy.

4: When is a pig-like ink?
A: When it’s in a pen.

5: What do Hawaiian cows wear?
A: Moo-moos.

6: What kind of dog has no tail no noise and no fur?
A: A hot dog.

7: What did the chicken say when she threw an egg at the farmer?
A: The yolk’s on you!

8: How does a rabbit feel if it breaks a leg?
A: Unhoppy.

9: What side of chicken has the most feathers?
A: The outside.

10: Why couldn’t the farmer’s horse run?
A: It was stalled.

11: What did the farmer say when he picked
the corn?
A: “Aw, shucks!”

12: What made the vegetable farmer so rich?
A: His celery was so high.

13: Why do chickens lay eggs?
A: If they dropped them, the eggs would break!

14: When is a dog’s tail like a farmer’s cart?
A: When it’s a-waggin’.

15: What’s a cow’s favorite food?
A: Cow chow.

16: How does a farmer keep a horse out of a thunderstorm?
A: He pulls in its reins (rains).

17: What do you call a funny horse?
A: A silly filly.

18: What does a farmer plow but never plant?
A: Snow.

19: What does a farmer get when his cows eat peanuts?
A: Peanut butter.

20: Why did the farmer ride his horse to town?
A: It was too heavy to carry.

21: Why are goats so funny?
A: Because they’re always kidding around.

22: Why is a wild horse so rich?
A: Because he has lots of bucks.

23: Why was the farmer so famous?
A: He was outstanding in his field.

24: What kind of bird can eat a barn in one bite?
A: A barn swallow.

25: Why didn’t the horse eat more hay?
A: He still had a bit in his mouth.

26: What kinds of keys won’t unlock doors?
A: Don-keys and tur-keys.

27: What do you call a pony with a sore throat?
A: A hoarse horse.

28: Why didn’t the farmer tell secrets in his field?
A: Because the corn had ears and the wind whispered.

29: Why was the farmer’s horse so lucky?
A: Because it had four horseshoes.

30: What do you call a sleeping bull?
A: A bull-dozer.

31: Why was the chicken always in trouble?
A: It used fowl language.

32: What do you call a skinny horse?
A: A bony pony!

33: What do cows put on their hamburgers?
A: Moo-stard and cow-chup.

34: Why did the farmer let his pigs loose
in the woods?
A: He wanted them to go hog wild!

35: Why did the horse have trouble sleeping?
A: She kept having night-mares.

36: How does a cow do its math?
A: With a cow-culator!

37: What’s a farmer’s favorite sport?
A: Fencing EGGPLANT!

38: Why did the farmer plant eggs?
A: He wanted to grow eggplant.

39: Why is Santa Claus like a farmer?
A: They both like to hoe, hoe, hoe.

40: What did the pig squeal when the farmer grabbed him by the tail?
A: “This is the end of me!”

41: Why did the horse put on a blanket?
A: He was a little colt.

42: Where does a lamb get a haircut?
A: In a baa-baa shop!

43: What does a farmer grow if he works
very, very hard?
A: Very, very tired!

44: Why are a farmer’s legs like a cow?
A: They both have calves.

45: What kind of toes do farmers plant?
A: Pota-toes and toma-toes.

46: When is a crow a chicken?
A: When it’s a scared-crow.

47: What do you call a young calf?
A: A new moo.

48: Why did the farmer take a hammer to bed?
A: Because he wanted to hit the hay!

49: What did the chicken say when she threw an egg at the farmer?
A: The yolk’s on you!

50: Where do cows like to go on Saturday nights?
A: To the moo-vies!

51: What do well-dressed pigs wear to dinner?
A: Pigs-ties.

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