45+ Hilarious Dog Jokes We Could Find

45+ Hilarious Dog Jokes We Could Find

Looking for dog jokes well you have come to the right place. No one has the slightest doubt that dogs are by far man’s best friends in the animal world. Hairy and charming creatures that have managed to gain appreciation based on fidelity, tenderness and, why not, laughter too.

at this point there is nobody who has not enjoyed and laughed willingly with a joke starring a dog in some funny situation, since the “rugged” life of these animals gives everything.

And among the best and most tender dog jokes that circulate through the net, we made a compilation of dog jokes for kids that will make you laughitloud

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45+ Funny Dog Jokes

Q: What ĐØG keeps the best time?
A: A watch dog!

Q: Why do ĐØG run in circles?
A: Because it’s hard to run in squares!

Q: Why did the ĐØG need help on his Pros and Cons chart?
A: He was CON-fused!

Q: What do you call a ĐØG magician?
A: labracadabrador.

Q: What happens when it rains cats and ĐØG?
A: You can step in a poodle.

Q: What type of ĐØG doesn’t bark?
A: hush puppy.

Dog jokes

Q: What ĐØG loves to take bubble baths?
A: A shampoodle!

Q: Why are ĐØGs like phones?
A: Because they have collar IDs!

Q: What is a ĐØG’s favorite city?,
A: New Yorkie!

Q: How did the little Scottish ĐØG feel when he saw a monster?
A: Terrier-fied.

Q: What did the ĐØG say when he sat on sandpaper?
A: Ruff!

Q: What do you get when you cross a sheep ĐØG with a rose?
A: A collie-flower!

Q: What is a ĐØG’s ideal job?
A: Barkeology!

Q: What does a ĐØG get when she finishes obedience school?
A: Her pet-degree!

Q: What did the cowboy say when his ĐØG ran away?
A: Well, doggone!

Q: Why did the hot ĐØG wear a sweater?
A: Because it was a chili dog.

Q: Why did the ĐØG cross the road?
A: To get to the barking lot.

Q: Which ĐØG breed is guaranteed to laugh at all of your jokes?
A: A Chi-ha-ha!

Q: What did the cowboy say when his ĐØG ran away?
A: Well, doggone!

Q: Why was the ĐØG scared of the tree?
A: Because of its bark.

Q: What do you call a ĐØG with a surround system?
A: A sub-woofer.

Q: Why did the Dalmatian go to the eye doctor?
A: He kept seeing spots!

Q: What do you call a ĐØG that is left handed?
A: A south paw!

Q: Why don’t ĐØG make good dancers?
A: Because they have two left feet!

Q: What do you get if you cross a ĐØG and an airplane?
A: A jet setter.

Q: What did the hungry Dalmation say when he had some kibble?
A: That hit the spot!

Q: What’s a ĐØG favorite kind of pizza?
A: Pupperoni.

Q: What’s a ĐØG’s favorite breakfast food?
A: Pooched eggs!

Q: How do fleas travel from place to place?
A: By itch-hiking!

Q: What does a ĐØG wear when it’s cold outside?
A: A petticoat.

Q: What do you call a great ĐØG detective?
A: Sherlock Bones!

Q: What ĐØG can jump higher than a building?
A: Any dog because buildings can’t jump.

Q: Which ĐØG breed chases anything that’s red?
A: A bull dog!

Q: What do chemists’ ĐØGs do with their bones?
A: They barium!

Q: What do you call a black Eskimo ĐØG?
A: A dusky husky!

Q: What do you call a large ĐØG that meditates?
A: Aware wolf.

Q: What do ĐØGs do after they finish obedience school?
A: They get their masters.

Q: Why did the tree think the ĐØG was talking to him?
A: He kept saying “bark, bark, bark!”

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