40+ Best Cake Puns That Will Blow Your Mind!

There’s nothing that marks a celebration like a cake. there’s something really special about them, so today we’ve compiled a bunch of cake puns to indulge our sweet tooth.

Cake Puns

1. local cake factory was just robbed They took a huge slice of the profits.

2. I was on the beach and got hit by a massive wave of cake It was a tiramisunami.

3. I cut my birthday cake in half and ate both sides. I wanted to halve my cake and eat it too.

4. I used to get heartburn whenever I ate birthday cake. until the doctor told me to take the candles off first!

5. Everyone was silent when the teachers stepped in. Only the cake eater rose to the occasion and broke the silence.

6. My friend quit work by having a multi-layer exploding cake. When it exploded, everyone in the room was left with tiers in their eyes!

7. I went to the candle store to celebrate my cake day. They were having a blowout sale.

8. My special (cake) day was beautiful. even the cake was in tiers!

9. When the cake shop was razed down, no one really thought that she will be bake in business.

10. If there is a leisure activity that all cakes would love to participate, is a cake walk.

11. No matter how much I love cake I would never dessert you.

12. Have you heard about the guy that ate a piece of cake? It was very easy.

Short Cake Puns

1. I tried to make a cake shaped like a shoe, but I couldn’t find the right sole.

2. I got a job at the bakery because I kneaded dough.

3. Life is short. Eat dessert first, and cake your problems away!

4. Bakers make the world a batter place.

5. I’m no piece of cake, but I can still make your day sweet.

6. You batter believe it, cakes are my jam!

7. I was going to tell you a joke about frosting, but I decided to layer.

8. Let’s cake a break and indulge in some sweet puns.

9. I told my cake a joke, but it couldn’t stop crumb-ling with laughter.

10. Baking cakes is a piece of cake. Said no one ever.

11. My favorite type of cake is laughter, because it’s always layered with fun!

More Cake Puns & Jokes

1. What do you call a cake shop with no-one it?Dessert-ed.

2. How do pickles celebrate their cake day? – They relish the moment.

3. What’s the difference between cake and pie? – πr2, cake are round.

4. Why couldn’t the teddy bear finish his cake? – He was stuffed.

5. What did the pastry say to the cake when they were in bed? – crumbing!.

6. How do you make the candles on your cake really happy? – Just blow them out! They’ll be delighted!!.

7. What cake do you bring for your Mexican friends going away party? – An ICEcream cake.

8. Why don’t you see too many short jokes about wedding cakes? – There are too many layers to it.

9. What’s my girlfriend’s favorite type of cake? – A dump cake.

10. Why do people like writing on their birthday cake? – Because they can have their cake and read it too!.

Cake Pun for Instagram

1. “You want a piece of me?”.

2. “I will never dessert you“.

3. “This cake’s been sprinkled with love“.

4. “Some only dream of cake. Others bake it happen“.

5. “This day will just be a sprinkle in time“.

6. “This party was the icing on the cake“.

7. “Butter late than never“.

8. “Muffin campares to you“.

9. I’m just a slice guy in a cake world.

10. Life is what you bake it.

11. Cake: the only reason to get up early.

12. I’m frosting you’ll have a great day!

13. When life gives you lemons, make lemon cake.

14. I’m not a pastry chef, but I can definitely whip up some puns.

Birthday Cake Puns

1. You want a piece of me“.

2. “Have an iced day“.

3. “I can’t cake my eyes of you“.

4. “Have an ex-traw-dinary birthday“.


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