60 Ice Cream Puns That Never Disappoints

Are looking for ice cream puns? if yes than you are at the right place here’s A collection of delicious and flavorful frozen ice cream puns made from simple, natural ingredients and wildly popular ice cream emporium.

Collection Of Best Ice Cream Puns

1. Feeling scamed after I bought some overpriced artisanal ice cream. That’s the last time I get victimized by a cone artist.

2. I promise I’m going to have a fit if I hear another guy tell the ice cream girl that’s she’s berry cute.

3. Before ice cream, Ben and Jerry created a software, you know, hawkin’ DOS.

4. I don’t know about you, but that’s just about the cone-iest pick up like I’ve ever listened to.

5. A melting ice cream cone is one that has been left dairy licked.

6. I was with my friends, and I asked if he was enjoying his sundae. He said yes. Which was strange, because I swore it was a Saturday.

7. And where does Oliver go to get his ice cream and gain some tricks of the trade? Sundae school of course.

8. I do kind of a ice hero crossover deal when I see people say “noice”, and it’s like “no! Justice!” cuz why have no ice when you could have just ice instead?? heh

9. I used to think getting to the bottom of a pint of ice cream was depressing and then I got to the depth of a bottle of Percocet. I’m crying

10. If my house catches fire after I’ve sat down with a bowl of ice cream, I’m going down like the goddamn commander of a ship.

11. I sit down to eat some ice cream. The next moment Ice creamed.

12. i was also an ice type gym leader for the PAX Pokemon League last year, and my bio was full of countless bad ice puns as I could fit:

list Of best Ice Cream Puns

Q: Why is ice cream so bad at tennis?
A: They have a soft serve.

Q: What does an ice cream procurator say?
A: You got served.

Q: What is ice cream’s beloved TV show?
A: Game of Cones.

Q: What was the ice cream cone’s impish pick up line?
A: Wanna lick me?

Q: What type of ice cream do electricians eat?
A: Shock a lot.

Q: Did you heard about the ice cream that went to prison?
A: They got their desserts.

Q: Why doesn’t anyone invite an ice cream cone to their party?
A: They’re a drip.

Q: Did you hear that someone stole from a national ice cream chain?
A: It was a Baskin Robbin’!

Q: What flavor of ice cream do deer go for?
A: Chocolate chip cookie doe!

Q: what brand of ice cream do chickens like?
A: Hen and Jerry’s!

Q: Did you hear the scoop?
A: Scoop! There it is!

Q: Do I love ice cream?
A: You sherbet I do!

Q: What do you call a rapper working at Cold Stone?
A: Scoop Dogg.

Q: Why did the ice cream truck break down?
A: Because of the Rocky Road.

Q: Which is the best place to get an ice cream?

Q: What happened when rockers couldn’t get their favorite dessert?
A: Rage against the Broken Ice Cream Machine.

Q: How do you make a milkshake?
A: By sticking a cow in the freezer.

Q: The ice cream scooper got chocolate ice cream in my vanilla ice cream.
A: That’s a twist.

Q: How did Reese eat her ice cream?
A: With her spoon

Q. What’s an electrician’s favourite ice cream flavour?
A. Shock a lot.

Q. Why did little Timmmy drop his ice cream cone?
A. He got hit by a bus.

Q: So How do you make a dinosaur float?
A: just Put two scoops of ice cream on him!

Q: What do you get from an Alaskan cow?
A: Ice Cream

Q: What did the newspaper say to the ice cream? A: What’s the scoop?”

Q: Why does everyone invite ice cream to the party?
A: because It’s cool.

Q: How does an ice cream cone congratulate you on the anniversary of your birth?
A: It’s sherbert day!

Q: Why did the young girl’s ice cream melt?
A: She was on fire.

Q: What’s bad than dropping your ice cream?
A: The Holocoust

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