88+ Funny WiFi Names You Always Wanted

88+ Funny WiFi Names You Always Wanted 1

Wi-Fi has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Many geeks can not live without the Internet. People who do not buy Internet packages are always looking for unsecured WiFi networks and are ready to hack the neighbor’s WiFi to surf the Internet for free.

Have fun putting unique , cool wifi names to repel them, remind them to have their own Wifi router. In this little article, we have compiled a list of over 100+ best-selling WiFi names for your WiFi routers . These names are super funny, you’ll have a smile on your face while reading them, especially if you’re a geek. Let’s have a little fun.

SSID stands for Service Set Identifier, which is the name of a wireless network (Wi-Fi). You can use the name of your WiFi access point to send a message to people who are next to you and want to connect to your wireless network for free. What a good idea ! 🙂

List of best Funny WiFi names

  1. Free WiFi for girls
  2. At your peril
  3. The password is ******
  4. No free WiFi for you
  5. virus.exe
  6. Actives a package
  7. Hack if you can
  8. It’s your father who pays
  9. Take your dad’s money
  10. Do not even try it
  11. My damn Internet
  12. No Wi-Fi for you
  13. You will be hacked
  14. Pay $ 1 per hour
  15. Buy your WiFi
  16. WiFi infected
  17. You pay now
  18. Would you marry me ?
  19. Benjamin FrankLAN
  20. Martin Router King
  21. John Wilkes Bluetooth
  22. I Believe I Can Fly
  23. Go home
  24. For porn0 only
  25. Want to fly
  26. LAN Solo
  27. LANister House
  28. Ping in the north
  29. Bring beer
  30. Bring women
  31. CIA Surveillance
  32. Area 51
  33. Wu Tang LAN
  34. Darude LANstorm
  35. Loading…
  36. Research…
  37. Restricted zone
  38. Come clean my house
  39. Wireless GangBang
  40. The password is 1234
  41. Free public Wi-Fi
  42. It hurts when IP
  43. Error 404
  44. Wi-Fi not available
  45. I have wifi and not you
  46. i will pay for your wifi
  47. Am I joke to you

Cool Funny names of Wi-Fi networks

  1. A stupid person.
  2. The neighbors are flying
  3. No Free INternet Here
  4. Try to connect
  5. I like my wifi
  6. Turn off your phone
  7. You lost your connection
  8. Call me
  9. Here is my num 099999
  10. Let them use it
  11. GetYourOwnetBro
  12. Password
  13. Speak less, work more
  14. Very slow internet
  15. Top secret
  16. I See You
  17. Webcam Hacker
  18. iPad On Your G(spot)
  19. Tell Ur Wifi Can’t Tonight
  20. My Network Rides Ur Wifi
  21. Tell Your Wi-fit Burns When Ip
  22. You Really Should Cover Your WEBCAM
  23. The Rout, The Rout, The Rout Is On Fire!
  24. All Meshed Up
  25. Anita Hanjaab

Best Funny UserNames for WIFI

  1. Thank you for using me
  2. You are my love at first sight
  3. Wi-Fi found nearby
  4. No Internet Access
  5. Get out
  6. You will be hacked
  7. Welcome to the Internet
  8. It’s free.
  9. Virus on WiFi
  10. Let them use it
  11. Welcome to 2019
  12. I call the cops
  13. HADOPI
  14. Hillary’s email server.
  15. Get ur own wifi
  16. Bird Person’s Shagpad
  17. Welcome to the Hood
  18. Let the WORD of the NERD b HEARD
  19. The Creep Next Door…
  20. WeLikeItWhenYouWate

If you liked this article, tell me in comment and we can make a version 2.0. You can also leave other names for WiFi SSID lets have a fun in the comments.

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