30 Candy Puns To Gave You some Sweet relief

Candy Puns For those with a sweet tooth, nothing hits the spot like our favorite treats. Maybe it’s chocolates, candy bars, or licorice that everyone has their sweet of choice. Grab your favorites and savor the collection of wise and humorous candy puns below.

The Sweet Candy Puns

1. Why do Scandinavian kids visit candy stores the most! Because it’s really Sweden there.

2. I found out what the devils favorite flavor of candy is. It’s caramhell with a bit of sin a man.

3. Nowadays Apparently you have to pay extra for candy these days They call it the Tic Tax

4. Did you hear about the snake that used to eats too much candy we used to call him A snack.

5. Imagine having a job at a Candy Store That would be sweet.

6. Successfully ran away from the cops today, after I stole a candy bar They tried their best, but I had too many Twix up my sleeve.

7. Did you hear about the fight at the candy store? Two suckers got licked.

8. Music is just like candy You throw away the rappers.

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9. When I walk into an Apple store, I feel like a kid in a candy shop. I can’t afford anything in there.

10. Did you hear that Jennifer Lopez started a campaign against dispenser candy? It’s called J Lo for No Pez.

11. Told my doctor I ate nothing but candy edibles for a month Turns out I have highiabetes

12. Yesterday I got fired from a candy shop That’s some Sweet relief I got.

13. I tried juggling some candy bars but kept dropping them. have Butterfingers.

14. My daughter found a candy wrapper to play with. I call him chance.

15. My brother always has hard candy inside a pocket of his 3-piece suit He calls them “in vest mints”.

16. Its important to keep some candy in your pocket at all times. It could be a lifesaver.

17. I tried to steal candy from a newborn baby. He slapped my hand away. Turns out he wasn’t born yesterday.

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18. Did you hear about that candy bird we used to call her A sweet tweet.

19. My kid was so thrilled about Lego candy.that he was literally crapping bricks!

20. You might be going through a Sour Patch, but I know you will make it through.

21. What do you call a sheep covered in chocolate? A candy baa.

22. What is the biggest candy in the world?? Candy Borobudur.

23. My cat loves her kit kat candy.

24. Jokes about candy make me laugh a little bit snickers.

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