You are currently viewing 50 Golf Puns A Lion Would Never Read But A Tiger Wood

50 Golf Puns A Lion Would Never Read But A Tiger Wood

Here is a collection of the best funny golf puns, that we all can relate to, we have also included some golf pun captions and some golf jokes.

Golf puns

1. I didn’t want to believe my husband was robbing golf courses, But I couldn’t ignore the red flags any longer.

2. A lion would never play golf But a Tiger Wood

3. My PE teacher told me I was so bad at golf that I should go to golf jail, It would be a shame if they putt me in there.

4. I’ve recently started to learn how to play golf, It’s nor going to well though I still have a fairway to go.

5. I’ve always been super confused as to why my dad always brings an extra pair of socks to the golf course, According to him, it’s in case he gets a hole in one.

6. I used to have a friend that was great at golf, They had a stroke.

7. I’ve been trying to start playing golf, But I just can’t get into the swing of things.

8. I hate crappy golf courses with too many trees, I go to great links to avoid them.

9. Why do fighter pilots hate playing golf? – They keep hitting bogeys.

10. Yesterday on the golf course my dad asked, why are we rushin? So I told him it was because he was “Putin” a lot of pressure on us.

11. People often ask me how I can play golf so much and still be so bad at it, It takes a lot of balls.

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12. I wear two pairs of pants when I play golf, Just in case I get a hole in one.

13. Did you hear that Subway is opening a mini golf course at some of their restaurants?, I tried it out, but it wasn’t very good. It was sub-par.

14. I just put my golf course on the market, Before you ask, yes, I’m selling the hole business.

15. I quit my job as the Pro at the local Miniature Golf course I found the work oft-putting.

16. I shot an Eagle at my local golf course today, Apparently you go to jail for killing a protected species.

Golf Puns Caption for Instagram

1. This is all fore the best

2. It’s a tee-utiful day

3. It’s club-bering time!

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4. You are the best by par

5. Let’s par-tee

6. For the most tee-riffic dad

7. May the course be with you

8. I am a driver

Golf Jokes

1. Why do I always bring 2 pairs of pants when I go golfing? – Because I always get a hole in one.

2. When golfers make golf jokes – Are they just meta-fores?

3. Why do fighter pilots hate playing golf? – They keep hitting bogeys.

4. Why did the man leave his socks on the golf course? – He got a hole in one

5. Why do all golf players have 20:20 vision – Because its a non contact sport

6. Why do golfers hate cake? – Because they might get a slice.

7. Why did tiger quit golf? – He lost the ability to drive

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8. Why do old people constantly play golf? – So they can lower their amount of strokes

9. Who is the best person at the golf course to get to make coffee? – The groundskeeper!

10. How did the citrus fruit do on the golf course? – He hit an orange slice!

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