40 Camping Puns That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

We need to take a step back. In the last decades of the last century, there were many families who opted to stay surrounded by greenery, in a caravan, or more simply inside a classic tent. Then, suddenly, camping holidays went out of style and were replaced by fierce competition as to who could afford the best hotel or resort. Strangely, in the last few years, it has been coming back into vogue, partly because of the crisis and partly because of that green way of life, which people are starting to like so much.

So if you’re planning a camping trip, here’s our collection of camping puns that are not in-tents so you can enjoy these with everyone.

Camping puns

1. I went to the camping supply store and was going to buy a tent but the pegs were on the top shelf, The stakes were too high.

2. If you open a camp to help kids that have ADHD Does it count as a concentration camp?

3. I got camping insurance, but if someone steals my tent in the middle of the night, I’m no longer covered.

4. I had the craziest camping experience last night, It was in tents.

5. When I was a police officer I used to take suspects camping, I was fired for my intense interrogations.

6. I accidentally sat on a campfire the other day It was the most ember assing thing that has ever happened to me

7. I took my son camping the other day. As we prepared I hid in his luggage and when he came over I jumped out and screamed SUPPLIES!

8. I always misplace my tent and have to put it somewhere else. You could say I raised the stakes.

9. I am a tent intellectual and i’m constantly surrounded by simple-tents.

10. There were too many applicants for boot camp, Many of them had to be put on a wading list.

11. A tent company was robbed overnight, The insurance company had to break it to them that they were no longer covered.

12. A man came over the loudspeaker when the scouts camped at Sea World, He said: “For all in tents, and porpoises.

Tent puns

1. My wife and I went camping to save our marriage It was an in tents situation

2. Did you hear about tandem camping being banned in all national parks? Turned out it was two in tents to be allowed.

3. my daughter loves jogging and grammer but hates camping she’s always running past tents

4. The best way to go back in time is to walk around a campground, Before long your sure to be past tents.

5. The last time I went camping, the wind blew my tent away. We’re not in canvas anymore.

6. What do you get if you cross a shoe with a tent? Boot camp!

Campfire puns

1. I saw a campfire trying to access the internet the other day, I guess it was logging in.

2. How rare is it for someone to die by falling into a campfire? Probably about medium rare.

3. I got arrested today for putting my arm in a campfire, I got charged with waving a fire arm.

4. Whenever I’m without my tent, I’m never as happy as when I’m con-tent

5. I love campfire smoke so much, it brings tears to my eyes.

6. I slept like a log last night, and then woke up on the camp fire.

7. Sitting with my shoes off next to a warm campfire eating corn chips, Tostitos

8. Asked Google how to start a campfire without any tools It gave me 20 million matches.

9. I finally got Tinder, and after a few matches, I was able to start a campfire

Funny Camping jokes

1. What do you call a murderer who goes camping? – Criminal intent.

2. What do bears bring with them when they go camping? – Just the bear essentials.

3. Why was the camping trip so stressful? – Because it was in tents.

4. Where does a camper keep his money? – In the River Bank

5. What do you get if you cross a shoe with a tent? – Boot camp!

6. Why did the camp warden quit his job? – Because it was always in tents.

7. Why was the movie about camping fiddlers rated R? It had in tents violins.

8. Why can’t you run in a campsite? – You can only ran, because it’s past tents.

9. What’s another name for a sleeping bag? – A nap sack.

10. Where did the sheep go to camping? – The Baa-hamas!

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