120 Hilarious Pizza Jokes

Here are some of the best pizza jokes from pizza lovers, from all over the world. it is perfect for any time or any occasion, especially if you’re eating a pizza and you want to make somebody laugh.

Best Pizza Jokes

1. Why does the mushroom always get invited to pizza parties?
A: Because he’s such a fungi!

2. When does a pizza lover go to Kentucky Fried Chicken?
A: When he or she is in a fowl mood!

3. What do baby doctors have in common with pizza store owners?
A: They both deliver!

4. “Waiter, will my pizza be long?” A: “No sir, it will be round!”

5. Are pizzas wealthy?
A: Sure – they’re rolling in dough.

6. Which popular singer was named after a pizza company?
A: Madonna-mo!

7. How do you fix a broken pizza? A: With tomato paste.

8. Who is the pizza’s favorite relative?
A: Aunt Chovy.

9. Why did the man go into the pizza business? A: He wanted to make some dough.

10. How do we know army drill sergeants love pizza?
A: They keep shouting, “Pizza Hut, two, three, four!”

11. How did Italy honor the pie?
A: By building a monument – the Tower of Pizza (Pisa).

12. Does pizza make people thirsty?
A: We drink so.

13. How is a gynaecologist and a pizza delivery guy the same?
A: They can smell it, but they can’t eat it.

14. What did the customer say when the pizza baker told him, “I put my heart into that pie”?
A: “Never mind your heart. How about some pepperoni?”

15. Why did the topping leave the pizza dough?
A: Because it was too kneady!

16. What did the pizza joint owner say when the basketball team called to say they were having a pizza party?
A: “That’s a tall order!”

17. Do you have to be strong to stay in the pizza pie business?
A: Sure – you must be a good boxer.

18. Which comic-strip hero adores pizza?
A: Pop-pie!

19. What is the best kind of pizza party to have?
A: A surpies party!

20. How many pizzas does wrestling champ Hulk Hogan order at one time?
A: A piel of them.

22. How did the spaghetti get close to the pizza?
A: By using its noodle!

23. Why do golfers like pizza bagels?
A: They all want a hole in one.

24. How do reptiles order pizza pies?
A: Well, the croco dials!

25. What do these reptiles prefer to drink with their pizza?

26. What did the food critic say about the new pan pizza?
A: What else? She panned it!

27. Why are pizzas round?
A: Who wants to be a square!

28. Are pizzas good show biz performers?
A: Of course – they’re great at enterstainment!

29. Why do so many pizza parlor owners use Prudential Insurance?
A: They want a pizz-a the Rock!

30. What pizza personality is faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap over
tall buildings in a single bound?
A: Supieman!

31. Why don’t they make olive pizza?
A: It’s the pits!

32. If you throw a pizza into two of the Great Lakes, how will it taste?
A: Erie, but Superior!

33. What happened to the guy who tried to throw a pizza into Lake Ontario and missed, and then tried to throw that pizza into another Great Lake?
A: Mished again (Michigan)!

34. What do you get if you throw a pizza into all five of the Great Lakes?

A: A wet pizza that doesn’t wet (whet) your appetite!

35. What happened when the pizzeria owner substituted Swiss cheese for mozzarella on his pies?
A: It was a holey mess!

36. What happened when the pizzeria owner substituted cream cheese?
A: He got creamed!

37. Why are so many pizza parlors located in shopping centers?
A: Why not? The mall the merrier!

38. Why do pizzeria owners resent IRS agents eating in their stores?
A: IRS agents take too big a bite!

39. Why did Vanna White pour alphabet soup on her pizza?
A: To make it letter-perfect!

40. How can you get a job slicing pizza?
A: Who knows? But it’s knife work if you can get it!

41. Why did the pizza write to Dear Abby?
A: Something must have been eating at him!

42. Why did the man eat in the same izzeria three times a day for nine years?
A: He hated his wife’s cooking!

43. Why won’t pizzas sit in the front of a restaurant?
A: They prefer the pizza-rear!

44. Do pizzas do well in college?
A: Sure – many graduate Pie (Phi) Beta Kappa!

45. What did the mama and papa pizza say to their child who wanted to be
an astronaut?
A: “The pie’s the limit!”

46. What happened to the first pizza to complete college?
A: It became the grad-u-ate!.

47. When do dogs particularly like pizza?
A: When it’s made with muttsarella cheese!

48. Why do young people like pizzas?
A: They’re pro-teen!

49. How do you know if a pizza is left-handed?
A: After you’re done eating, the remaining pieces are left!

50. Who discovered pizza?
A: The Pietalians (Italians).

51. If one slice costs $1 and eight slices cost $4, how much are sixteen and thirty-two?
A: Forty-eight

52. What kind of books do pizzas like?
A: Spicy ones!

53. Are pizza store owners wealthy?
A: Sure – they make a lot of dough.

54. Can a pizza marry an octopus?
A: You must be squidding!

55. How do you know if your pizza can count?
A: Ask it how much 6 minus 6 is, and if it says nothing, you know it can count!

56. Would you use spaghetti as a pizza topping?
A: Why not? It has pastabilities!

57. Why did the pizza guy go out of business even though his pizzas sold
like hotcakes?
His customers wanted pizzas, not hotcakes!

58. How do you spell pizza backwards?
A: P-I-Z-Z-A B-A-C-K-W-A-R-D-S.

59. Why don’t pies do well in the ring?
A: Because you can easily box pizzas!

60. What happened to the man who claimed he ate a 30-foot pizza?
A: He had a bitemare!

61. Which historical leader was a great pizza eater?
A: Attila the Hun-gry!

62. Is the pizza in this restaurant worth talking about?
A: Talking about, yes; eating, no!

63. Did the knight’s weapon come in handy to cut pizza?
A: Sword of!

64. Connect the dots and what do
you have?
A: 1. A pizza that bears watching
2. Time to enjoy pizza
3. A timeless pizza
4. A dialing (darling) of a pizza
5. A pizza whose time is up
6. All of the above

65. What do mathematicians and accountants say after eating pizza?
A: “That was sum meal!”

66. What’s the best time to study pizza?
A: Lunchtime.

67. What happened to the pizza that was sent into orbit?
A: It became pie in the sky!

68. What term best describes a pizza baker during the 1960s?
A: A flour child!

69. Which subject in school is preferred by pizza lovers who order meatball, pepperoni, sausage, and salami toppings?
A: Arithmeatic!

70. What happened at the Hawaiian hula dance pizza party?
A: It was Shake ‘n Bake!

71. What happened to the pizza dough that was shipped north to Juneau, Alaska?
A: Don’t Juneau?

72. Seriously, what happened to the pizza dough that was shipped north to Juneau, Alaska?
A: Wait, Alaska!

73. Who is the president of Pizza Land?
A: The Big Cheese!

74. What kind of person does a pizza want to avoid?
A: Anyone who bites off more than she can chew.

75. Why do pizzas love the Yuletide season?
A: There’s pizza (peace) on earth.

76. Did Captain Hook like pizza?
A: Sure – he was a pierate!

77. In what battle did General Curtis die while eating pizza?
A: His last battle!

78. Why was the pizza made with red onions?
A: They ran out of white ones!

79. What penalty do football players risk when they go to a pizza parlor?
A: Pieling on.

80. Where do pizzas like to vacation?
A: In Florida – so they can bake.

81. Why would someone go into the pizza business?
A: To make some dough!

82. What happened when the pizza married the frozen waffle?
A: They couldn’t cut it!

83. Why are pizzas better than frankfurters?
A: Because hot dogs are the wurst!

84. Where do pizza parlor owners sign their important papers?
A: At the bottom, silly!

85. Is pizza a fast food?
A: Yes – you can eat it on the run!

86. When would a vampire find time to
eat pizza?
A: During a coffin break!

87. How much did the man who baked a 27-foot pizza have to eat to get into the Guinness Book of Records?
A: The whole 9 yards.

88. What do pizzas sing as they go into the oven?
A: “Home, home on the range…”!

89. Do fine restaurants serve pizzas?
A: Only if they wear jackets and ties!

90. Why do pizzas hate turkeys?
A: They’re gobblers!

91. Why else do pizzas hate turkeys?
A: They’re fowl!

92. What did the pizza parlor owner say to his cook when he couldn’t make a pan pizza?
A: Don’t panic!

93. What did the insurance agent tell the baker when a huge pie fell on her?
A: “Don’t worry – you’re covered.”

94. What will we celebrate when pizza is 200 years old?
A: Its piecentennial (bicentennial)!

95. How can you tell when there are 2,000 pizza pies under your bed?
You’re much closer to the ceiling.

96. Should you eat pizza with a knife and fork?
A: Well, a knife and fork are hard to digest!

97. Why did the pizza wear red suspenders?
A: The green ones broke.

98. Seriously, why did the pizza wear red
A: To hold up his pants, of course. THE BAD NEWS:
A monster pizza is invading your city.
It doesn’t eat you – you eat it!

99. Why do pizza bakers enjoy their work?
A: They’re doughing what comes naturally!

100. If you stacked 3,000 pizzas in your cupboard, what would you have?
A: A very large cupboard!

101. Why did the pizza visit Italy’s capital city?
A: Be it ever so humble (pie), there’s no place like Rome!

102. What music do pizzas fall asleep to?
A: Lullapies.

103. Which is a pizza’s favorite expression?
A: “The pie’s the limit!”

104. Do pizzas ever enter the boxing ring?
A: Sure – pizza’s been a round.

105. What’s the busiest day at pizzerias?
A: Chewsday!

106. What happened when the deep-dish pizzas went crazy?
A: It was pandemonium.

107. How did the thin-crust pizza get into the National Basketball Association?
A: It lied about its height.

108. What is the pizza’s favorite Broadway
show tune?
A: “There’s No Business Like Dough (Show) Business”:

110. Can anyone improve on pizza as a food?
A: How can anybody improve on piefection?

111. What did the pizza eater do to the man who told him he hadn’t had a bite in days?
He bit him!
Hi. I’M

112. Can you name three popular pizza toppings?
A: Why? They already have names.

113. Which pizza does the octopus like?
A: Octopie!

114. What do you have to be to spend your life making pies?
A: Oven lovin’!

115. In a pizzeria, if two’s company and three’s a crowd, what are four and five?
A: Nine.

116. Would you date a pizza?
A: Why not? They’re hot stuff!

117. How does someone become a pizzeria owner?
A: Well, bakers can’t be choosers!

118. What time is it when you’ve eaten a pizzeria owner?
A: Well, bakers can’t be choosers!

119. What time is it when you’ve eaten a large pizza by yourself?
A: Time to stop eating.

120. Are pizzas good patients?
A: Sure — they’re accustomed to high temperatures.

121. Would you use spaghetti as a pizza topping?
A: Why not? It has pastabilities!

122. How can you get a job slicing pizza? Who knows? But it’s knife work if you
can get it!

123. Why would someone go into the pizza business?
A: To make lots of dough!

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