Lion Jokes For Kids


1. Why did the lion eat the tightrope walker?
– He wanted a well-balanced meal!

2. What’s a lion’s favorite state?
– Maine!

3. How does a lion greet the other animals in the field?
– “Pleased to eat you.”

4. What do you call a lion who loves to surf?
– A sea-lion!

5. Why did the lion cross the road?
– To show the zebra it could be done!

6. What do lions wear at a fancy dinner?
– A dinner roar!

7. What do you get if you cross a lion with a parrot?
– I don’t know, but when it talks, you’d better listen!

8. Why was the lion so good at making decisions?
– Because he always took paws to think!

9. What do you call a lion who’s always complaining?
– A whine-on.

10. What happened when the lion ate the comedian?
– He felt funny!

11. Why did the lion spit out the clown?
– Because he tasted funny!

12. How do you stop an angry lion from charging?
– Take away its credit cards!

13. Why don’t lions like fast food?
– Because they can’t catch it!

14. What do you call a lion that has eaten your mother-in-law?
– A good start!

15. What does a lion say to his pride before they go out hunting?
– “Let’s prey!”

16. How do you know a lion is not telling the truth?
– When he’s a-lying!

17. What do you call a lion who’s eaten a French chef?
– A gourmet!

18. Why don’t lions eat clowns?
– Because they taste funny!

19. What’s a lion’s favorite Christmas carol?
– “Jungle Bells.”

20. Why was the lion an excellent musician?
– Because he had perfect roars.

21. How did the lion perform at the comedy club?
– He was a roaring success!

22. What do you call a lion with a carrot in each ear?
– Anything you want, he can’t hear you!

23. Why was the young lion so good at basketball?
– Because he was always a head above the rest!

24. What do you call a lion that loves to take baths?
– A scrub lion.

25. How did the lion feel after losing a game of cards?
– He felt cheetah-ed!

26. Why did the lion become an astronaut?
– He wanted to visit the mane moon!

27. What do you get when a lion walks through the vegetable garden?
– Squash!

28. What’s the difference between a lion and a tiger?
– A tiger can’t be a king!

29. What’s a lion’s favorite nursery rhyme?
– “Roar, roar, roar your boat.”

30. Why did the lion visit the eye doctor?
– He couldn’t see the pride!

31. Why was the lion sitting at the computer?
– He wanted to keep an eye on his mouse!

32. Why did the lion wear a tuxedo?
– Because he was going to a fancy roar-ty!

33. What do you call a lazy lion?
– A dande-lion!

34. What do lions use to look at their manes?
– Mir-roars!

35. How does a lion stop a video?
– By pressing paws!

36. What’s a lion’s favorite sport?
– Roar-quetball!

37. Why did the lion get lost in the jungle?
– Because the jungle is massive!

38. Why are lions so good at politics?
– They know how to roar-ganize people!

39. Why did the lion bring a ladder to the bar?
– He heard the drinks were on the house!

40. What do lions like to drink in the summer?
– Lemon-roar-ade!

41. How do lions keep in shape?
– Jungle gyms!

42. Why don’t lions play cards in the jungle?
– Too many cheetahs!

43. What did the lion say to his cub before dinner?
– “Let’s eat, kid!”

44. Why did the lion lose at poker?
– Because he was playing with a bunch of cheetahs!

45. What’s a lion’s favorite vegetable?
– Roar-tichokes!

46. Why did the lion study geometry?
– To find the paw-thagorean theorem!

47. Why did the lion roar at the mirror?
– Because he saw a reflection of his purr-sonality!

48. What’s a lion’s favorite movie?
– “The Lion King,” of course!

49. Why don’t lions use computers?
– They’re afraid of the mouse!

50. What did the lion do when he saw a herd of elephants in his territory?
– He tried to show them who’s the mane man!

51. Why did the lion join the band?
– Because he had the mane instrument!

52. What kind of story does a lion write?
– A tall tail!

53. What do you get when you cross a lion with a snowman?
– Frostbite!

54. Why do lions always eat raw meat?
– Because they can’t cook!

55. Why did the lion break up with his lioness?
– She was too much of a cheetah!

56. What did the lion say to the other animals on his birthday?
– “It’s my birthday, let’s have a roar-ing good time!”

57. What do lions do when they meet a stranger?
– They roar-ganize a welcome party!

58. Why did the lion wear red sneakers?
– To hide in the strawberry patch!

59. How do lions relax after a long day?
– They listen to roar-cast music!

60. What did the lion say after eating the clown?
– “That tasted funny!”

61. Why did the lion blush?
– Because he saw the jungle queen!

62. What kind of lion doesn’t roar?
– A dande-lion!

63. What’s a lion’s favorite subject in school?
– Hisstory!

64. Why did the lion start a company?
– He wanted to be the mane boss!

65. What’s a lion’s favorite food?
– Baa-baa-Q!

66. What do you call a young lion who’s into computers?
– A tech-roar!

67. What kind of lion lives in the ocean?
– A sea lion!

68. Why do lions never tell secrets?
– Because they’re too loud!

69. How do you get a lion to like you?
– By acting roar-some!

70. What do lions do on weekends?
– Roar-ty all night!

71. Why did the lion refuse to play hide and seek?
– Because good luck hiding a lion!

72. What did the lion say to his prey on Valentine’s Day?
– “You make my heart roar!”

73. What’s a lion’s favorite dessert?
– Chocolate roar-cake!

74. Why did the lion run away from the zoo?
– He wanted to find his true roar!

75. Why don’t lions go to school?
– They’re already too cool for school!

76. What do lions say before hunting?
– “Time to catch some fast food!”

77. How do you make a lion stew?
– Keep it waiting!

78. Why did the lion visit the library?
– He loved reading roar-mance novels!

79. What’s a lion’s favorite TV show?
– “The Roar-anos.”

80. What do you call a lion who practices magic?
– A roar-cus magician!

81. How do lions stay cool in the summer?
– They go for a swim in the mane river!

82. What do you call a lion who’s always joking?
– A comedi-roar!

83. Why was the lion bad at playing cards?
– Because he was always roaring when he got a good hand!

84. What do lions eat for breakfast?
– Roar-ed oats!

85. Why don’t lions play hide and seek with other animals?
– Because they always end up as lunch!

86. What do you call a lion who loves to dance?
– A roar-tango!

87. Why did the lion eat a light bulb?
– He wanted a light snack!

88. What do you call a lion with a bad haircut?
– A dis-mane-ed lion!

89. Why did the lion break up with the zebra?
– He was tired of the black and white arguments!

90. How do you know if a lion is telling the truth?
– It’s a roar-promise!

91. Why did the lion visit the dentist?
– To get his canines checked!

92. What’s a lion’s favorite kind of music?
– Roar-n-roll!

93. Why did the lion go on a diet?
– He wanted to lose his jungle belly!

94. What did the lion say to his cubs before bed?
– “It’s time to roar your eyes!”

95. Why did the lion become an artist?
– He wanted to draw out his wild side!

96. What’s a lion’s favorite game?
– Truth or roar!

97. Why did the lion get a job?
– To earn some roar-points!

98. What do you call a lion who loves baseball?
– A roar-star!

99. Why don’t lions use smartphones?
– Because they prefer roar-phones

100. What did the lion say to the zebra at the party?
– “Nice stripes, want to dance?”

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